The peace activists’ recommendations for the engaged parties in the Afghan war

  In the conference under “The deadlock of the Afghan peace process and the way forward”, convened by CSRS, the peace activists made recommendations to the engaged parties in the Afghan war. In this conference, held last Saturday 2nd December 2017 in Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, some politicians, government officials, the representatives of some foreign […]

The deadlock of the Afghan peace process and the way forward

  Since the past several years, efforts are being made to end the war in the country. However, none of these efforts have produced any result, and the current war continues to cost Afghan lives and has affected all aspects of life in Afghanistan. In the past, as an active organ in areas of peace, […]

The Peace Process: negotiations to start the negotiations

  Talks between the Afghan politicians and civil activists on the one side and the members of the Taliban’s political office on the other side was to be held in early November in Dubai; however, the non-governmental organization of Afghanistan’s Peace Studies, the organizer of the process, has said that such negotiations in Dubai are […]

National consensus over the curriculum and the situation of higher educations in Afghanistan

  In order to improve and standardize the higher education in the country, with the instruction of President Ghani, the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education has undertaken the program of national consensus of reviewing the curriculum of higher education. The current curriculum of the universities has always been criticized for being substandard and outdated. The […]

Will convening a Loya Jirga solve the current problems?

  About one month ago, the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai raised the issue of organizing a Loya Jirga. Karzai said that he had shared the demand with the Afghan government leaders sending a letter. According to Karzai, we (the country) want partnership with both the US and the other countries in the region, but […]

The RECCA Conference; the major economic session in the region

  Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan, hosted the seventh Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan. In this conference, held on Tuesday and Wednesday (14 and 15 November 2017), the representative of 44 regional countries and 38 international organizations had taken part. At the head of government delegation, the Second Afghan Vice President Sarwar Danish […]

The ICC and the war crimes of the international and national forces in Afghanistan

  Head of the International Criminal Court of Hague Fatou Bensouda said last week that the court was seeking allowance to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan. She said that there was enough evidence of war crimes in Afghanistan and after the primary investigation it reached the conclusion that all legal standards and circumstances were present […]

The Durand Line and its impact on Pak-Afghan ties

  While Pakistan’s move to construct a border wall across the imaginary Durand Line was highly opposed in Afghanistan, Recently the British Ambassador to Afghanistan Nicholas Kay has said that “From the British and International Community’s point of view, the Durand line is the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and Pakistan reserves the right […]

The Chabahar port and its impacts on the regional transit trade

  India started exporting wheat to Afghanistan through Iran last week, and on 29 Oct 2017 the Afghan and Indian Ministers of Foreign Affairs officially inaugurated trade through this port. This is the first time that India sends food stuff through Iran instead of Pakistan. Before this Pakistan had allowed India to do so only […]

The UN and the peace process in Afghanistan

  Kairat Umarov, head of the sanctions committee of the Security Council of the UN and his fellow delegation visited Kabul on 29 Oct 2017 and discussed the issue of peace and security in his meetings with the Afghan President, Chief Executive and other government officials. According to the Deputy Spokesperson of the Afghan President, […]

The growing distrust in Afghan-Russian ties

  During his speech in Paktia province, the Afghan President for the first time officially accused Russia of supporting the Taliban and said that “The Taliban are receiving assistance from those who have spilled the blood of one and half million Afghans.” Although President Ghani did not mention any country, but it was obvious that […]

Kabul-Delhi ties and the increasing pressures on Islamabad

  The Afghan President went to India on a one-day trip last week and met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, the Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, and some other senior Indian officials. This trip coincided with the US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson’s trip to Kabul, Islamabad, […]

The current situation in Afghanistan and the need to project its real image

  The US and NATO came to Afghanistan under the slogans of maintaining peace and stability in this country. After 16 years, their presence has not brought peace and stability but rather has fueled the war until now. The continuation of the war has deepened the challenges of the country in various areas and has […]

The upcoming meeting of QCG in Oman

  The media outlets quoted the Afghan and Pakistani authorities last week that the next meeting of Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) was to be held on 16 October 2017 in Muscat, Oman. The Afghan National Security Council (NSC) has acknowledged that Afghanistan has accepted Pakistan’s proposal about the resumption of the Quadrilateral Talks. The representatives […]