Need for Regional Cooperation on Afghan Peace

  Although the latest steps of U.S. toward Afghan peace are hopeful; but the role of regional countries in the prices cannot be neglected at the same time. Considering the 17-year long Afghan war, it seems that cooperation and involvement of regional powerful countries is also important for peace and stability in the country. Russia […]

A Look at Trade and Transit Condition during NUG

  The World Bank has praised Afghanistan in its latest report for bringing some reforms and improving the business environment and starting a business in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has jumped up from 183 to 167 rank based on World Bank’s 10 business indices in 190 countries. The report has stated that Afghanistan, for taking some appropriate […]

Release of Mullah Baradar and New Developments on Afghan Peace

  Much efforts for initiating peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban has been made especially after the National Unity Government (NUG) was established. However, these efforts are yet to bear any results and have always faced a deadlock. This has resulted in the United States stepping up efforts for initiating direct talks […]

Deficiencies and Challenges of Parliamentary Elections

  The Afghan Parliamentary Elections was held on 20th and 21st of October where despite countless security challenges, hundreds of thousands of Afghans attending the polling stations in order to cast votes for their favorite candidates in the entire country, except for two provinces. After the voting process, President Ashraf Ghani praised the process through […]

Illegal Extraction and Lack of Transparency in Afghan Mine Contracts

  Mines and natural resources are the untapped properties of the country that could lead to economic development, prosperity, security, and stability in the country. Nonetheless, the illegal and unprofessional extraction from mines in Afghanistan has been continuing over the past four decades, and the perpetuation of this situation has negatively affected the country’s economy, […]

8-year Progress of Wolesi Jirga’s 16th Legislative Term

  The 16th legislative term of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of the Afghan Parliament), despite its legal 5 years, was active for another privileged 3 years. The Parliamentary Elections should have been held three years ago; however, they were suspended till late 20 October, 2018. Eight million Afghans have been registered for the Parliamentary […]

Khalilzad’s New Mission and Future of Afghan Peace Talks

  Approximately one month ago, Zalmay Khalilzad was appointed as the US State Department Special Advisor on leading the peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Based on remarks from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Zalmay Khalilzad will lead the Washington efforts on supporting the peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban, […]

Barriers Facing the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

  The upcoming Parliamentary Elections that were supposed to be held almost three years ago  are planned to be held next week on 20 October. Although, a few days remain to the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, the overall atmoshphere in Afghanistan is one of concern and skepticism, putting a shadow on the process of upcoming Parliamentary […]

Plan for Privatization of Afghan War and its Consequences

  A few days ago, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater- a private security company, in his interview with Tolo News private TV channel in Kabul, said that if the Afghan war was outsourced to contractors of Blackwater, there would be a very different situation on the ground within six months.      Since a long time, and […]

Deteriorating Security Situation and Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan

  Holding Parliamentary Elections after bringing about electoral reforms were one of the most important and greatest promises of the National Unity Government (NUG); however, the NUG took 4 years before implementing the process. The practical process of holding the Parliamentary Elections has been initiated at a time when the security situation in the country, […]

73rd UNGA and Afghanistan

  Last week, the 73rd meeting of United Nations Generally Assembly was hosted in New York, where Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of Afghanistan, heading a senior delegation along with other leaders participated in it.   The UN member countries’ leaders and their representatives held meetings with each other and discussed global issues. On the second […]

Kabul-Islamabad Ties after Election of Imran Khan

  After Imran Khan took office as Pakistani Prime Minister (PM) and the establishment of a new government there, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Quraishi was the first high-level Pakistani official of the new administration to visit Kabul.        In his visit to Kabul, Quraishi met Afghan President as well as the Chief Executive and other […]

Kabul-Washington Security Agreement and the Need for Reviewing

  With the increasing insecurity and continued war in Afghanistan, criticism regarding Afghanistan’s security agreement with the U.S has been raised. Since four years have passed from the signing of the agreement, a number of movements as well as politicians and former officials came together on September 12, 2018, and asked for the evaluation of […]