Dead end of Afghan peace negotiations and pressures on Taliban

  The efforts to end the current war in Afghanistan initiated under the leadership of the United States a few months ago. Since then, United States and the Taliban negotiated face to face three times. However after the meeting in Abu Dhabi, the negotiations have delayed and encountered obstacles. Following the talks in Abu Dhabi, […]

The rise of traffic incidents and responsibilities of Afghan government

  Besides loss of dozens of lives and daily casualties of due to the current war, insecurities and natural disasters, traffic incidents are another cause of deaths and injuries for our nation every year. Based on the recent report released by the ministry of Public health, 52,657 people have visited their hospitals due to injuries […]

Iran-Taliban Relations: Iran’s objectives

  Afghanistan’s Neighbor country; Iran is repeatedly reported by media to have relations with the Taliban. Although Iran in the past has always refused to have links with the Taliban. Recently Tehran has proclaimed that a delegation of Taliban has visited the country and had a discussion on how to end the current war in […]

Arbitrary and Unprofessional Mining in Afghanistan

  Last week, At least 30 workers were killed, and 15 others injured when a gold mine collapsed in the Shapu village in Badakhshan. According to local officials, the victims were illegally and in unprofessional manner searching for gold and had dug 20m deep in a riverbed in the Kohistan district of Badakhshan province when […]

Need for Talks between Taliban and Afghan Government on Afghan Peace

  The United States and the Taliban make efforts to reach an understanding through talks on putting an end to the 18-year-long on-going war in Afghanistan. The Afghan war has taken the lives of tens of thousands of Afghans.  In the series, the US and Taliban representatives have had direct talks on Afghan peace since […]

 Elections Postponement; Technical Problems or Necessity of Peace Process

  On December 30, 2018, Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission (IEC) announced that the 2019 Presidential Elections that were planned to be held on April 20, 2019, will be held on July 20, 2019. The Provincial Council, District Council and Parliamentary Elections of Ghazni province will be held simultaneously to the Presidential Elections, according to the […]

Why Trump Ponders Withdrawal of US Soldiers from Afghanistan?

  It is almost three months that peace talks between US and Taliban continue. In the series of talks, representatives of both parties held a 3-day joint meeting at United Arab Emirates (UAE) a few days ago. Although the detailed niceties of the meeting are yet to be put out; however, the Taliban, through publishing […]

Air Pollution; an Immense Challenge against Afghan Lives

  On December 15, 2018, Air Visual, a US-based air quality monitor, called Kabul as the most polluted city in the world. While having 353 points of US Air Quality Index (US AQI) at December 15 (and 363 points on December 29), Kabul was among the first ten most polluted cities of world which was […]

Khalilzad’s Third Visit; Peace Talks with Taliban

  As the special envoy of US Department of State for peace talks with Taliban, Zalmay Khalilzad had a 3-day meeting with Taliban representatives during the third visit of his mission in United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week. Representatives of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE were also presented in the talks. Although some Western media […]

Situation of Addicts in Afghanistan

  Most of addicts spend their nights and days at roads and streets of cities where tens of them die as the winter comes in. Every week, the Kabul Municipality personnel discover around ten dead bodies mostly related to addicts and bury them, according the recent remarks made by the relevant authorities. Meanwhile, they are […]

Lapis Lazuli Route and its Importance for Afghanistan and Region

  Last week (12-13-2018), President Ghani officially inaugurated the Lapis Lazuli trade and transit route in Herat province of Afghanistan. Following a long interval, it was for the first time that Afghan goods loaded to 9 Lorries moved toward Turkey through the Lapis Lazuli route, which originally was a part of the ancient Silk Road. […]

Situation and Needs of Internal Migrants in Afghanistan

  The recent report of United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) indicates that almost half a million Afghans have been displaced from their areas due to wars and drought in Afghanistan. The report also points out that overall 6.3 million Afghans are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance, including 3.7 […]

Announcing Presidential Elections Timeline and its Uncertain Fate 

  Afghan Independent Elections Commission (IEC) announced the schedule for upcoming Presidential Elections on November 28, 2018. The registration of presidential candidates will be commenced from December 22, 2018 up to 12 days, based on the schedule. The primary list of candidates will be announced on January 8, 2019 and the final list will be […]

Airstrikes on Civilians; Goals and Consequences

  The US Air Forces (USAF) have dropped approximately six thousand bombs on Afghan soil this year, which is considered to be the highest number in the last ten years, according to USAF.  Along with rise in airstrikes since last few months, the civilian causalities have been unprecedentedly increased because of Afghan and foreign forces […]