The Afghan War and the Role of Religious Fatwas

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS For the sake of ending the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the Afghan government, pursuing its peace efforts, had made a lot of struggle to convene a meeting of religious scholars in Indonesia in order to be helpful in putting an end to the war in Afghanistan and […]

Electronic ID Cards and the Future of Present Disputes

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS Distribution of Electronic Identity Cards (E-IDs), also known as E-Tazkira, had become delayed for three years just to have transparent and fraud-free elections in Afghanistan; however, besides this postponement, the election process became initiated without distribution if E-IDs and widespread fraud is being continued as the Paper Identity Cards […]

Why the Afghan War gets Bloodier?

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS Considering the statistics of international organizations, the Afghan War has got bloodier and more severe every year since 2001. After 2014 and formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, more than 10 thousand of civilians have been killed and wounded every year. Approximately, the entire regions of […]

A Glance at Media Condition in Afghanistan

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani / CSRS Last week (30 April, 2018), besides other people, 9 journalists became killed and 5 other wounded in the two consecutive attacks in Kabul City. A BBC Reporter shot dead in Khost province the same day, and a Kabul News TV Journalists was murdered by unknown gunmen in […]

Sino-Afghan Strategic Friendship and its Impacts on the Region

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS China is the country in the region that has not got imperialistic goals in other country and hence, generally, it has maintained friendly ties with the regional countries. Since last several years and especially after 2014 as a large portion of the foreign forces withdrew Afghanistan, China has increased […]

Challenges against Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani / CSRS After about three years of delay in holding parliamentary elections, the IEC finally announced the final date of holding elections, and so the Wolesi Jirga and District Councils’ elections are scheduled to be held this year (Mizan, 1397). By announcing the final date for the elections, the […]

Will Kabul-Islamabad Ties Ameliorate?

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS In recent years and after the formation of National Unity Government (NUG), tensions between Kabul and Islamabad raised after the Afghan side urged Pakistan to take practical steps towards its commitments to this country. Relations between the two countries have become tensed in this period, which has even led […]

People Peace Demands and Hopes for Security Maintenance

  By Zia-ul-Islam Shirani / CSRS The decades-long on-going war in Afghanistan, in different phases and through different parties, has taken hundred thousands of victims as well as made millions to leave their country. After the collapse of Taliban regime by America in 2001, the Afghan war became handed to America and NATO-member countries. There […]

The Course of Afghan-Turk Friendship

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS The best description of Afghanistan and Turkey ties was given by prominent Turkish politician Ahmet Davutoğlu who called it “Exemplary”  and said that even if the two countries do not “border”, but are close.    Turkey and Afghanistan have a long history of bilateral relations that are remained friendly […]

The Condition of Health Sector and Access to HealthCare Services in Afghanistan

  By Zia-ul-Islam Shirani / CSRS After the World Health Organization (WHO) founded in 6 April, 1948, the April 7th is celebrated as the World Health Day in most of the countries in order to grab the global attention to health issues and thus, Afghanistan has also celebrated this day since many years.  The World […]

The heavy casualties of the civilians in the airstrikes

  Last week, the Afghan air forces carried out an airstrike on a gathering in a religious school (madrasa) in Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province, which killed and injured many civilians. Quoting the governor of Dasht-e-Archi District, New York Times has written that this attack was carried out by the Afghan force on the graduation […]

Afghanistan and the cold war between Russia and USA

  Iran and Russia are the two countries whose relation with Taliban is debatable. The last statement of commander of NATO force about the Russia’s cooperation with Taliban was a vast controversy. Russian embassy in Kabul refused John Nicolson commander of NATO forces’ claim and analyzed this statement as a trick of putting the responsibilities […]

The Tashkent Conference and Afghan Peace Success Factors

  By Hekmatullah Zaland Tashkent hosted an important international conference on Afghanistan last week. Besides Afghan and Uzbek presidents, the head of European Union Foreign Affairs, the representatives of more than 20 countries including U.S., U.K., Germany, Russian, China, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, India, five Central Asian countries and international organizations had participated in […]