Saudi Conference and the Future of Peace in Afghanistan

  A two-day conference of Religious Scholars of Islamic World on Afghan War and Peace became convened as result of the initiative of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and collaboration of Saudi Arabia last week (10-11 July 2018).    More than 100 religious scholars from 37 countries, including Afghanistan, were participated in the 2-day international conference […]

National Unity Government and the Struggle against Corruption

  A new inspection body became established as a result of a decree by President Ashraf Ghani for the purpose of making more effective struggle against corruption and inspecting the activities of senior governmental officials. The inspection body, however, is being established while there are many other institutions on tackling corruption including Supreme Audit Office […]

Afghan Peace Process and Inter-Afghan Dialogue Deadlock

  Last week, Alice Wells, US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, during her visit to Kabul, told journalists that no justification is left for the Taliban to reject peace talks with the Afghan government as the United States announced its readiness to join the peace talks and discuss about […]

Pro-Government Armed Militias against the Government 

  Apparently, local armed forces are militias that have been formed by America and the Afghan government for the purpose of maintaining security. From one hand, these armed militias, however, defended their areas against the government’s armed opposition in short-term, but from the other hand, they are turned into power islands after a while and, […]

Depreciation of the Afghani currency; its factors and effects

  The depreciation of the currency and its instability against foreign currencies in a country has an impact on domestic and foreign goods prices in the country and is has an important place in its economy. Afghanistan, which has been faced with challenges of political and security instability, is among the countries whose currency is […]

Afghan-Pak Ties; New Efforts of Trust-Building

  The ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan are, once again, on verge of trust-building and improvement after mistrustfulness and ups and downs during the term of the National Unity Government (NUG).  In recent months, the foreign ministries of both countries have initiated a joint program under the banner of “Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and […]

A Look at the Temporary Ceasefire and its Impact on the Peace Process

  The Taliban declared a three-day ceasefire against government forces for the first time since 2001 and beginning of war against the Afghan government and foreign forces in the country. The three-day Taliban ceasefire in the three days of Eid was a response to the eight-day ceasefire of the Afghan government from the 27th month […]

Will the President Defeat the Taliban from the Religious Perspective?

  Some of President Ghani’s characteristics contrast him from other Afghan politicians; i.e. decisiveness and continued observation. It was due to his decisiveness that vacillation was not seen in relations with Pakistan in last three years and, in a recent case, it was because of his decisiveness that the controversial process of Electronic ID Cards […]

Afghan Education; from Slogan to Bitter Realities

  The improvement of education over the past 17 years has been one of the prominent slogans of the Afghan government and the international community; however, over the course of a long time and consuming of billions of dollars, while education has made remarkable progress, there are still many problems and challenges that threaten this […]

A Look at U.S. Military Strategy in Afghanistan

  By Hekmatullah Zaland \ CSRS Increasing insecurity and security challenges in Afghanistan have led to discussions among Afghans about the US military strategy for Afghanistan. The US inspectors also said in a report a few days ago that the Trump military strategy for Afghanistan was not successful. Members of the Afghan parliament and some […]

Drought; another Challenging Threat for Afghans

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS For now, Drought is another big challenge in the war-torn Afghanistan that, after insecurity and wars, has put the life of millions of Afghans at risk.   In its latest report, The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has indicated that a drought is affecting two […]

US-Russia Cold War and its Impacts on the Afghan Issue

  By Hekmatullah Zaland \ CSRS After 2014, the international issues like the Ukraine’s became considered as incidents of New Cold War between Russian and the West and it became unblemished in recent years that there is “New Cold War” going on between Washington and Moscow which has directly impacted Afghanistan as well.    With beginning […]

The Afghan Parliament and the Corruption Issue in Afghanistan

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has strongly criticized the Afghan National Assembly in its recent report, ” Afghanistan’s Fight against Corruption: From Strategies to Implementation (May 2018)”. The report, which was published a few days ago, assessed the issue of fighting corruption in Afghanistan […]

The Afghan War and the Role of Religious Fatwas

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS For the sake of ending the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the Afghan government, pursuing its peace efforts, had made a lot of struggle to convene a meeting of religious scholars in Indonesia in order to be helpful in putting an end to the war in Afghanistan and […]