Afghan Woman; the Victim of ultra-conservatism and ultra-liberalism

  The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission released its annual report on violence against women last week (11 March, 2018). This report states that 4340 cases of violence against women became recorded in 1396 (2017) which shows a rise of 11.7% in compare to the records of 1395 (2016).  Violence against women in Afghanistan is […]

The tenuous Pak-Afghan ties and its impacts on transit and trade

  For the first time last year, the Afghan and Pakistani military engaged in armed conflict at Turkham border, something that indicates the tenuous relations between the two countries in the past seven decades. Overall, relations between the two countries have witnessed many ups and downs; nevertheless, during the National Unity Government in Afghanistan, these […]

Kabul Process; will the face to face talks start?

  The second meeting of the Kabul Process was held on 28 February 2018 in Kabul, where the representatives of 25 countries and 3 international organizations had participated. Making several specific recommendations to the Taliban, President Ghani announced the new peace policy of the government, which was highly reflected in the national and international media. […]

Evaluation of the NUG’s struggle against corruption

  In its annual report, released last week, Transparency International has once again announced Afghanistan among the most corrupt countries in the world. Based on the report, gaining 15 scores, Afghanistan is the fourth most corrupt country among 180 countries after Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria. The report shows that compared to 2016, Afghanistan has […]

The strategy of war and the fate of the security situation

  Based on the annual report of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), 2017 was another bloody year for Afghans and more than 10000 civilian casualties were recorded in this year. The beginning of 2018 was even bloodier than that of 2017. This increase in civilian casualties was due to the heavy attacks […]

The condition of the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in Afghanistan

  Based on the report of the UN Organization for Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA), from the beginning of 2018 until 19 February, more than 17000 Afghans are displaced inside Afghanistan. [1] In its recent report, this UN organ has said the insecurity and the continuation of war in the country as the main reasons […]

The rumors about extending the NUG’s term

  Quoting some sources, the media published some reports saying that the US and the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) are trying to extend the term of the current government for another five years, without holding the presidential elections, through establishing a council of leaders. Rumors in this regard increased when President Ghani […]

The upcoming meeting of the Kabul Process and the fate of the peace talks

  The second meeting of Kabul Process is to be held on 28 February 2018 in Kabul with the participation of the representatives of dozens of countries of the region, world, and international organizations. This process is being manages with the initiative and leadership of the Afghan government, something that differs this process from its […]

Poverty and Unemployment and the Afghan’s economic migration

  In a report published last week, the World Bank said that due to the lack of employment opportunities in Afghanistan, most of the Afghan youth will be willing to migrate to the other countries. Based on this report, due to the worst economic situation in Afghanistan in 2015, 2.25 million Afghans were registered as […]

A review of the bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Indonesia

  The Indonesian President Joko Widodo, along with a high ranking Indonesian officials visited Kabul last week. In his meetings with the Afghan officials, the Indonesian President discussed about expanding and strengthening the relations between the two countries. In a joint conference with the Afghan President, President Widodo said that in addition to the peace […]

To which direction is the country’s political and security situation headed?

  The political tensions over the governance of Balkh Province and the recent consecutive security incidents in the country have increased concerns about the security and political instability in the country. Even though due the issue of the governance in Balkh no security incident has occurred yet, such issues increase concern about the security and […]

The Regional Geopolitical Developments and Afghanistan

  Since the past several years, the geopolitical situation of the region is changing and once again the countries in the region are being divided into two blocs, the same as during the Cold War. Hence, among the great powers of the world, war and rivalry is continuing in our region. Afghanistan is directly impacted […]

A glimpse to the implementation and violation of the Afghan constitution

  Fourteen years ago, the current Afghan constitution was approved by Loya Jirga and was signed by Hamid Karzai, the then Head of the interim government. The Afghan constitution is assumed one of the achievements of the current regime and is the most important legal document in the country; nevertheless, in the past 14 years, […]