The situation in Afghanistan in the past three years of the NUG

                                                                                                                                                            Three years ago after a controversial election, the Then-US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Afghanistan and brokered a deal between the two leading candidates according to which the two sides agreed to split power by 50-50 among themselves and Ashraf Ghani was announced as the Afghan President and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah as […]

A Critical Appraisal of Economic Situation of the Country under NUG

  Promising to create employment opportunities, improve exports, increase the domestic and foreign investments, reform the taxing process, provide cheap houses and hundreds of other pledges, the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) gave hope to people about boosting their lives and improving their economies. The NUG leadership has always reiterated that they are […]

The Afghan Mines; the treasuries that are being looted

  The studies on the mineral resource in Afghanistan so far show that there are 1400 mineral fields and resources in Afghanistan with a value of more than one trillion dollars. However, the illegal extraction of minerals and corruption in the mining sector are factors that have resulted in the robbing of these resources in […]

Pakistan and China: Don’t Fear Chabahar Port

  A closer look at what Iran’s Chabahar port deal with India and Afghanistan really means for China and Pakistan’s CPEC. By Ahmad Bilal Khalil    Recently, on the sidelines of the sixth Heart of Asia Conference-Istanbul Process in Amritsar, India, Afghanistan and India planned to start air cargo transportation over Pakistan. The move will help greatly in exporting […]

The 17th SCO summit and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Astana, the Kazakhstani capital, hosted the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) leaders on 8 and 9 June 2017. The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had also participated in this meeting. Besides delivering his speech in the summit, the Afghan President met the Presidents of China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as the Prime Ministers of […]

Linking Afghanistan to China’s Belt and Road

  Linking Kabul to both the China-Pakistan Energy Corridor and OBOR could go a long way in bringing the region together. By Ahmad Bilal Khalil From the first day, Kabul pragmatically wished to be a part of two Chinese regional projects — the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative and the China-Pakistan Energy Corridor (CPEC). Firstly […]

Poverty and Unemployment in Afghanistan: The Two Main Challenges

  The World Bank and the Afghan government have released a joint report about poverty and unemployment in 2013 and 2014. The report, released on 8 May 2017, shows that poverty and unemployment rates are increasing in Afghanistan. The report writes that in these years, 1.3 million new Afghans were added up to peoples living […]

Afghan-Australia Relations (2001-2017)

  The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, heading a high-ranking Afghan delegation, visited Australia on 2 April 2017. In this visit, the Afghan President met the senior Australian official and the Afghan residents of Australia. In this visit, an agreement between Afghanistan and Australia in constructive areas with a value of $320m was signed, and it […]

Afghanistan in 1395: Achievements and failures

  Compared to the past 15 years, 1395 was one of the most challenging years for Afghanistan. In this year, the security situation was worse than ever, the peace process faced a stalemate, foreign policy was, to a greater extent, imbalanced, the country’s economic growth was low, and the country was dealing with migration crisis […]

The Evaluation of the “National Solidarity Program” in Afghanistan

  After 14 years of activity, the Afghan government shut down the National Solidarity Program (NSP)-the program to develop and rehabilitate the villages- in the ongoing month and instead the “Citizen Charter Program” (CCP) is to be launched. According to the Afghan Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the CCP would also […]

The 13Th ECO Conference and Pak-Afghan relations

  Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) held its 13th summit in Islamabad on Feb 28, 2017, where along with Pakistani Prime Minister eight heads of states/governments participated in it. Neither the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani nor the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs participated in this conference and instead the Afghan Ambassador in Pakistan and the Afghan […]

The growing ties between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

  The Uzbek Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with a high ranking delegation, came to Kabul on Monday. The delegation met President Ghani and other senior Afghan officials and signed five agreements of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Uzbekistan is one of the most powerful neighbors of Afghanistan, which have many commonalities with this […]

The Kabul-Ashgabat relations and the significance of the Atamura-Akina railway line

  The Afghan president participated and delivered a speech in “Global Conference on Sustainable Transport” in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The conference was held under the chairmanship of Ban Ki-moon where leaders of various countries had also participated in it. After the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, the government has focused on economic […]

Evaluation of NUG’s fight against Corruption

  Transparency International released a report on anti-corruption struggle in Afghanistan last week. The report states that the Afghan government’s efforts to fight corruption were solely limited to pledges and not only the current struggle against corruption is not effective, it is also uncoordinated. The Organization, therefore, suggests that the parallel anti-corruption institutions must be […]