The Rise of Fire Incidents in Business Centers

  In a poor country like Afghanistan, where around 40% of people live below the poverty line, fire incidents are another challenge in their lives, due to which, thousands  of people lose their Properties and assets.. As a result of a fire incident in Milaad market at Mandawi of Kabul last week (7/11/1397), around 400 […]

Arbitrary and Unprofessional Mining in Afghanistan

  Last week, At least 30 workers were killed, and 15 others injured when a gold mine collapsed in the Shapu village in Badakhshan. According to local officials, the victims were illegally and in unprofessional manner searching for gold and had dug 20m deep in a riverbed in the Kohistan district of Badakhshan province when […]

Lapis Lazuli Route and its Importance for Afghanistan and Region

  Last week (12-13-2018), President Ghani officially inaugurated the Lapis Lazuli trade and transit route in Herat province of Afghanistan. Following a long interval, it was for the first time that Afghan goods loaded to 9 Lorries moved toward Turkey through the Lapis Lazuli route, which originally was a part of the ancient Silk Road. […]

A Look at Trade and Transit Condition during NUG

  The World Bank has praised Afghanistan in its latest report for bringing some reforms and improving the business environment and starting a business in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has jumped up from 183 to 167 rank based on World Bank’s 10 business indices in 190 countries. The report has stated that Afghanistan, for taking some appropriate […]

Illegal Extraction and Lack of Transparency in Afghan Mine Contracts

  Mines and natural resources are the untapped properties of the country that could lead to economic development, prosperity, security, and stability in the country. Nonetheless, the illegal and unprofessional extraction from mines in Afghanistan has been continuing over the past four decades, and the perpetuation of this situation has negatively affected the country’s economy, […]

Depreciation of the Afghani currency; its factors and effects

  The depreciation of the currency and its instability against foreign currencies in a country has an impact on domestic and foreign goods prices in the country and is has an important place in its economy. Afghanistan, which has been faced with challenges of political and security instability, is among the countries whose currency is […]

The tenuous Pak-Afghan ties and its impacts on transit and trade

  For the first time last year, the Afghan and Pakistani military engaged in armed conflict at Turkham border, something that indicates the tenuous relations between the two countries in the past seven decades. Overall, relations between the two countries have witnessed many ups and downs; nevertheless, during the National Unity Government in Afghanistan, these […]

Poverty and Unemployment and the Afghan’s economic migration

  In a report published last week, the World Bank said that due to the lack of employment opportunities in Afghanistan, most of the Afghan youth will be willing to migrate to the other countries. Based on this report, due to the worst economic situation in Afghanistan in 2015, 2.25 million Afghans were registered as […]

A glimpse into the situation of the country in 2017

  2017 was a year full of challenges and problems for Afghanistan. The political disagreements were reached its highest levels compared to the past 16 years. The security situation in the country was also deteriorated and this years was the bloodiest compared to the past one and half decade. Based on the recent report of […]

The RECCA Conference; the major economic session in the region

  Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan, hosted the seventh Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan. In this conference, held on Tuesday and Wednesday (14 and 15 November 2017), the representative of 44 regional countries and 38 international organizations had taken part. At the head of government delegation, the Second Afghan Vice President Sarwar Danish […]

The Chabahar port and its impacts on the regional transit trade

  India started exporting wheat to Afghanistan through Iran last week, and on 29 Oct 2017 the Afghan and Indian Ministers of Foreign Affairs officially inaugurated trade through this port. This is the first time that India sends food stuff through Iran instead of Pakistan. Before this Pakistan had allowed India to do so only […]

The current situation in Afghanistan and the need to project its real image

  The US and NATO came to Afghanistan under the slogans of maintaining peace and stability in this country. After 16 years, their presence has not brought peace and stability but rather has fueled the war until now. The continuation of the war has deepened the challenges of the country in various areas and has […]

The situation in Afghanistan in the past three years of the NUG

                                                                                                                                                            Three years ago after a controversial election, the Then-US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Afghanistan and brokered a deal between the two leading candidates according to which the two sides agreed to split power by 50-50 among themselves and Ashraf Ghani was announced as the Afghan President and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah as […]

A Critical Appraisal of Economic Situation of the Country under NUG

  Promising to create employment opportunities, improve exports, increase the domestic and foreign investments, reform the taxing process, provide cheap houses and hundreds of other pledges, the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) gave hope to people about boosting their lives and improving their economies. The NUG leadership has always reiterated that they are […]