The 17th SCO summit and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Astana, the Kazakhstani capital, hosted the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) leaders on 8 and 9 June 2017. The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had also participated in this meeting. Besides delivering his speech in the summit, the Afghan President met the Presidents of China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as the Prime Ministers of […]

Can the “Kabul Process” pave the way for peace?

  Despite the bloody security incidents and deep internal political divisions, the “Kabul Process” was held in Kabul last week. The representatives of several international entities and more than 23 countries including Pakistan, Iran, the US, and the UK had participated in this conference. The responsibility for the management and implementation of the decisions made […]

The Rise of Taliban Diplomacy

  How are the Taliban and Kabul faring in their diplomatic tug-of-war over Afghanistan’s neighbors? By Ahmad Bilal Khalil Since the formation of the Afghan National Unity Government (NUG), the Taliban and the NUG have been locked in a regional competition. The Taliban has widened its diplomatic relations with Russia, China, Iran, and some Central Asian and […]

Hekmatyar’s entry into national politics and its impacts on the country

  After two decades, the head of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appeared in a public gathering in Laghman province. Some lawmakers and government officials had also participated in the meeting, and it was the first time Hekmatyar directly and officially met Afghan government officials since 2001. Hekmatyar give a speech in a gathering of his followers […]

Tensions between Kabul and Islamabad and efforts to improve the bilateral relations

  While tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan have escalated, the Director General of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) General Naveed Mukhtar traveled to Kabul last week in a bid to talk with Afghan officials and improve relations between the two countries. Days before Mukhtar’s visit to Kabul, two high-ranking Pakistani delegation had also arrived Afghanistan to […]

The bloody incident of Balkh and the government’s policy of peace and war

  The Taliban carried out a deadly attack on 209th Shaheen Corps last week. Based on the recent investigations of the Afghan Ministry of Defense, in this assault 140 soldiers are dead, and more than 60 are wounded. Shaheen Corps is one of the major army bases in the Northern Afghanistan. 30 thousand US troops […]

The new US administration and the future of Kabul-Washington relations

  The US Secretary of Defense General Jim Mattis in an unexpected trip visited Kabul on 24 April 2017. He said that in this voyage he aimed to assess the security situation in Afghanistan. In a joint press conference with the top NATO commander in Afghanistan General John Nicolson, Mattis said that 2017 would be […]

Indonesia in the Afghan foreign policy

  After a three-day trip to Australia, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani visited Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. In this two-day trip, Ghani met Indonesian President, Vice President, Speaker of Indonesia’s Regional Representative Council (Senate), the people in charge of Islamic centers and some of the Indonesian traders and discussed the strengthening of the relations between […]

Initiation of foreign efforts regarding the Afghan peace process

  Since the past several years, regional and international powers have initiated efforts for the Afghan peace process. The upcoming conference on Afghanistan in Moscow and its subsequent developments is an example of these efforts. In the meanwhile, at the recent meeting of NATO ministers of foreign affairs, the US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson […]

Increase in US troops level in Afghanistan and Trump’s unclear AfPak Policy

  In the first week of 1396 (Afghan Solar Year), the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs traveled to the US to participate in the Atlantic Council Conference. In his speech in the conference, he called on the US government to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight ISIL and the Taliban. The demand for more […]

Afghanistan in 1395: Achievements and failures

  Compared to the past 15 years, 1395 was one of the most challenging years for Afghanistan. In this year, the security situation was worse than ever, the peace process faced a stalemate, foreign policy was, to a greater extent, imbalanced, the country’s economic growth was low, and the country was dealing with migration crisis […]

Efforts to close the Taliban’s Qatar Office and the puzzled future of the peace process

  The Afghan President traveled to Germany last week to attend the Munich Security Conference. Besides delivering his speech in the conference, the Afghan President also met senior officials of various countries, among them the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs (Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani). In the meeting between Ghani and Sheikh Mohammad, […]

The fate of the High Peace Council (HPC)

  Head of the National Islamic Front (Mahaz-e-Meli Islami-e-Afghanistan) and head of the High Peace Council (HPC) Sayed Ahmad Gailani, due to the heart illness, died at age 84 in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Hospital. Sayed Ahmad Gailani was the third head of HPC. The HPC did not have any achievements in the past years except […]

The fate of the HI-NUG peace deal

  Since last week, news are circulating in the media that Russia and French are making obstacles in the way of Afghanistan’s demand to delist the name Gulbadeen Hekmatyar from UNSC blacklist.. One of the three significant provisions in the peace deal between the Afghan government and HI (Hekmatyar) was the removal of Hekmatyar’s name […]