Preventing General Dostum from returning and the prospects of political crisis

  Reports were released last week that suggested Dostum’s plane was not allowed to land in Balkh’s airport and that it was returned to Turkmenistan and then to Turkey. Issuing a statement, however, the office of General Dostum denied these reports and said that Dostum was in Turkey. It comes at a time that recently […]

Selling Government Posts; the untold stories of corruption

  The Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) has received information that suggests the selling of the high-ranking government positions. CSRS’s received this information at a time that, in one of his pieces, the former Minister of Information and Culture Abdul Bari Jahani shared one of his bitter memories from the time of his […]

Does anti-government coalition mean salvation of the country?

  Since the past several weeks, the Afghan government is confronting political oppositions both within and outside the government. It was due to these political oppositions that three Afghan political parties, Junbish-e-Mili, Wahdat-e-Islami and Jamiat-e-Islami formed the “The High Council of Coalition for Salvation of Afghanistan” in General Dustom’s house in Turkey. The fundamental demands […]

The 17th SCO summit and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Astana, the Kazakhstani capital, hosted the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) leaders on 8 and 9 June 2017. The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had also participated in this meeting. Besides delivering his speech in the summit, the Afghan President met the Presidents of China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as the Prime Ministers of […]

Can the “Kabul Process” pave the way for peace?

  Despite the bloody security incidents and deep internal political divisions, the “Kabul Process” was held in Kabul last week. The representatives of several international entities and more than 23 countries including Pakistan, Iran, the US, and the UK had participated in this conference. The responsibility for the management and implementation of the decisions made […]

The recent political and security tensions: concerns and outcomes

  The latest bloody incidents in Kabul have paved the way for political tensions in the country, and following the series of political mistrusts, disagreements between Jamiat-e-Islami and the government has increased. The deadly incident in the green zone in Kabul last week killed more than 90 people and injured around 461 others[1]. This incident […]

The Afghan airspace and the existing challenges

  Several days ago, violating the Afghan airspace, Russian airplanes entered Badakhshan province in Northern Afghanistan. Moreover, some media outlets have released reports which suggested that in some of the Northern provinces, unknown helicopters had landed and distributed arms to unknown armed groups. Despite billions of dollars of international community’s aid, Afghanistan is still encountering […]

Afghan Education and the Contention between the Government and the Taliban

  Education is one of the most fundamental and vital part of human life and plays a prime role in the development of the human society. In the past one and half decade, the Afghan education has certainly had remarkable progress, however; still, there exist many problems and challenges in its way, the most important […]

Torture and violence against prisoners in Afghanistan

  In its recent report, the US Committee against Torture (CAT) has accused Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Razeq of torturing prisoners, executions without trial and having secret prisons. General Razeq, on the other hand, denies all these accusations. Approximately one month ago (24 April 2017), a report, published by United National Assistance Mission in […]

The Rise of Taliban Diplomacy

  How are the Taliban and Kabul faring in their diplomatic tug-of-war over Afghanistan’s neighbors? By Ahmad Bilal Khalil Since the formation of the Afghan National Unity Government (NUG), the Taliban and the NUG have been locked in a regional competition. The Taliban has widened its diplomatic relations with Russia, China, Iran, and some Central Asian and […]

Academic debate: regional geopolitical changes and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Since the past several years, we have witnessed many geopolitical changes in the region and the world. Especially in our region, since the previous two years, it seems that, as during the cold war, the region is divided into two blocs; the difference being that this time instead of ideology, changing regional situation and […]

Hekmatyar’s entry into national politics and its impacts on the country

  After two decades, the head of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appeared in a public gathering in Laghman province. Some lawmakers and government officials had also participated in the meeting, and it was the first time Hekmatyar directly and officially met Afghan government officials since 2001. Hekmatyar give a speech in a gathering of his followers […]

The mother of all bombs, the reasons behind its use and its evaluation

  The US forces used their biggest non-nuclear bomb in Assadkhail region in Achin District of Nangarhar Province on 13 April 2017. This weapon which is also called “the mother of all bombs” is said to have been used to target ISIL fighters in Afghanistan, but many believe that using “the mother of all bombs” […]

The NUG and the alarms of political instability

  Issuing a decree, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani dismissed his Special Representative for Reforms and Good Governance Ahmad Zia Massoud on 17th April 2017. After the issuance of the President’s decree Dawa Khan Mina Pal, the Deputy Spokesperson of President Ghani, said that the reason behind discharging Massoud was his weak performance. One day […]