Zalmay Khalilzad and his expected new mission in Afghanistan 

  Since the last forty years, Zalmay Khalilzad has been a prominent figure in the Afghan-U.S. ties. Last week, Reuters sourcing two U.S. officials, reported that it was likely the U.S. government would place Zalmay Khalilzad as its special envoy to Afghanistan.    The rumors on Zalmay Khalilzad’s appointment as the special U.S. envoy to Afghanistan […]

2019 Presidential Elections and Challenges Ahead

  The Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the date set for the upcoming presidential elections which they decided would be held on 20 April 2019. Dr. Abdul Badi Sayyad, head of IEC told a press conference that the given date for the presidential elections was chosen based on the country’s constitution and the law […]

Political Coalitions and their Organizational Foundations in Afghanistan 

  In recent years, the Afghan political arena has been witness to confrontations and conflicts between the government, and a number of political parties and politicians in the country. Last week (26 July, 2018), a number of political parties and movements, came together in a ceremony in Kabul, and announced the formation of the “Great […]

Gen. Dostum: a Prominent Figure for Every Afghan President from Dr. Najeeb to Dr. Ghani

  Last week (July 22, 2018), Afghan First Vice-President Gen. Abdul Rasheed Dostum returned to the country after 14 months of exile in Turkey.  The Afghan government; however, states “sickness” the reason behind his stay in Turkey but almost a year and half ago, after he entered into conflict with the government, Gen. Dostum accused […]

Confrontation of Political Parties with Government and Fate of Parliamentary Elections

  On the basis of the Afghan Constitution, the working term of the present parliament was completed at the June 2015. However, the government has thus far failed to hold Parliamentary Elections due to certain political hurdles. Adjournment in holding Parliamentary Elections allowed the working term of the Parliament to last three years longer than […]

Will the President Defeat the Taliban from the Religious Perspective?

  Some of President Ghani’s characteristics contrast him from other Afghan politicians; i.e. decisiveness and continued observation. It was due to his decisiveness that vacillation was not seen in relations with Pakistan in last three years and, in a recent case, it was because of his decisiveness that the controversial process of Electronic ID Cards […]

Electronic ID Cards and the Future of Present Disputes

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS Distribution of Electronic Identity Cards (E-IDs), also known as E-Tazkira, had become delayed for three years just to have transparent and fraud-free elections in Afghanistan; however, besides this postponement, the election process became initiated without distribution if E-IDs and widespread fraud is being continued as the Paper Identity Cards […]

Challenges against Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani / CSRS After about three years of delay in holding parliamentary elections, the IEC finally announced the final date of holding elections, and so the Wolesi Jirga and District Councils’ elections are scheduled to be held this year (Mizan, 1397). By announcing the final date for the elections, the […]

Evaluation of the NUG’s struggle against corruption

  In its annual report, released last week, Transparency International has once again announced Afghanistan among the most corrupt countries in the world. Based on the report, gaining 15 scores, Afghanistan is the fourth most corrupt country among 180 countries after Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria. The report shows that compared to 2016, Afghanistan has […]

The rumors about extending the NUG’s term

  Quoting some sources, the media published some reports saying that the US and the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) are trying to extend the term of the current government for another five years, without holding the presidential elections, through establishing a council of leaders. Rumors in this regard increased when President Ghani […]

To which direction is the country’s political and security situation headed?

  The political tensions over the governance of Balkh Province and the recent consecutive security incidents in the country have increased concerns about the security and political instability in the country. Even though due the issue of the governance in Balkh no security incident has occurred yet, such issues increase concern about the security and […]

A glimpse to the implementation and violation of the Afghan constitution

  Fourteen years ago, the current Afghan constitution was approved by Loya Jirga and was signed by Hamid Karzai, the then Head of the interim government. The Afghan constitution is assumed one of the achievements of the current regime and is the most important legal document in the country; nevertheless, in the past 14 years, […]

A glimpse into the situation of the country in 2017

  2017 was a year full of challenges and problems for Afghanistan. The political disagreements were reached its highest levels compared to the past 16 years. The security situation in the country was also deteriorated and this years was the bloodiest compared to the past one and half decade. Based on the recent report of […]