Increasing Casualties of Afghan Civilians in The Air Strikes

  Last week, hundreds of Wardak residents protested in Kabul in condemnation of joint Afghan and foreign forces airstrikes and night raids on Jalga district of this province. Protesters condemned joint forces’ recent airstrikes and warned that they will block the Kabul-Kandahar highway if these blind strikes don’t end. More than 20 civilians, including women […]

Position of Afghanistan at the 55th Munich security conference

  The 55th Munich conference was started in Munich city of Germany, on 15th February and ended on 17th February 2019. The conference was conducted to resolve the current political and security challenges and obstacles. Including 35 leaders of countries, 50 Ministers of foreign affairs and 30 defense Ministers, many other representatives of corporations and […]

Why Trump Ponders Withdrawal of US Soldiers from Afghanistan?

  It is almost three months that peace talks between US and Taliban continue. In the series of talks, representatives of both parties held a 3-day joint meeting at United Arab Emirates (UAE) a few days ago. Although the detailed niceties of the meeting are yet to be put out; however, the Taliban, through publishing […]

Airstrikes on Civilians; Goals and Consequences

  The US Air Forces (USAF) have dropped approximately six thousand bombs on Afghan soil this year, which is considered to be the highest number in the last ten years, according to USAF.  Along with rise in airstrikes since last few months, the civilian causalities have been unprecedentedly increased because of Afghan and foreign forces […]

Afghan Security Situation during Ghani Term

  President Ghani took the office in September 2014 while military and security responsibilities were handed to Afghan forces by international forces and a large portion of foreign forces deployed in Afghanistan had withdrew the country and their number was decreased by 15000 for overall 130 thousand foreign soldiers in Afghanistan.  After Ghani took office […]

Plan for Privatization of Afghan War and its Consequences

  A few days ago, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater- a private security company, in his interview with Tolo News private TV channel in Kabul, said that if the Afghan war was outsourced to contractors of Blackwater, there would be a very different situation on the ground within six months.      Since a long time, and […]

Deteriorating Security Situation and Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan

  Holding Parliamentary Elections after bringing about electoral reforms were one of the most important and greatest promises of the National Unity Government (NUG); however, the NUG took 4 years before implementing the process. The practical process of holding the Parliamentary Elections has been initiated at a time when the security situation in the country, […]

Kabul-Washington Security Agreement and the Need for Reviewing

  With the increasing insecurity and continued war in Afghanistan, criticism regarding Afghanistan’s security agreement with the U.S has been raised. Since four years have passed from the signing of the agreement, a number of movements as well as politicians and former officials came together on September 12, 2018, and asked for the evaluation of […]

9/11 and Never-ending Afghan Tragedy

  On September 11, 2001, 19 member of Al Qaeda, most of whom were from Saudi Arabia, hijacked four airplanes of “United” and “America” airways and carried out attacks on New York and Washington cities of the United States. Around 3000 people were killed in these attacks and thus, were considered a justification for launching […]

High Civilian Casualties during Four Years of NUG

  Last week, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock in his 2-day visit to Afghanistan said that 40 thousand civilians have been killed and injured during the four years of the National Unity Government (NUG).   Although, the U.S war on Afghanistan is ongoing since the last 17 years; it has enflamed more than ever […]

Change in Foreign Forces Command and its Impact on Afghan War

  U.S Gen. Austin Scott Miller, who was officially appointed as the commander of U.S Forces-Afghanistan and of Operation Resolute Support two months ago, took over on Sunday (September 2, 2018) at a ceremony in Kabul. Miller takes over from Gen John Nicholson, who led the NATO mission for over two years. Scott Miller is […]

The Taliban Attack on Ghazni and Future of Peace in Afghanistan

  On August 10, Taliban launched an extensive assault on Ghazni City from four sides. On the first three days, they were able to bring the entire city along with governmental offices under their control, with the exception of the Governor’s office and Police headquarters there. On the fifth day of the Ghazni attack, although, […]

Reviewing the Trump Strategy: The Need for Resolving the Afghan Crisis

  After 17 years of U.S initiated war in Afghanistan, some U.S. officials, according to media reports, agree that the U.S. has come to terms with its failure in the Afghan war and that it now seeks to review its strategy for the country. Notably, the New York Times published a report that revealed Donald […]