The US-India partnership and its impacts on the region

  The Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah along with 200 Afghan traders, civil activists, journalists and government officials traveled to India and met the Indian Prime Minister and other high-ranking Indian officials. The Afghan Chief Executive signed the agreement of training the Afghan police with the Indian officials. Moreover, the two sides also signed an […]

The situation in Afghanistan in the past three years of the NUG

                                                                                                                                                            Three years ago after a controversial election, the Then-US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Afghanistan and brokered a deal between the two leading candidates according to which the two sides agreed to split power by 50-50 among themselves and Ashraf Ghani was announced as the Afghan President and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah as […]

President Ghani’s trip to the US and Kabul-Washington ties

  After the inauguration of Asian Games, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani traveled to the US as head of a high-ranking Afghan delegation. In this trip, President Ghani delivered his speech in the UN General Assembly and met the high-ranking representatives of many countries including the US President. After the formation of the new administration […]

Creating local army or strengthening militia in the country?!

  The Afghan Ministry of Defense has prepared a scheme to form militia forces in the insecure areas of the country. The ministry says that military experts are working on the plan and that it is in its primary phases. This plan will be finalized after the approval of National Council of Security and signature […]

The Afghan War; 16 years after the 9/11 attacks

  The current war in Afghanistan was started 16 years ago by the US and NATO, and apparently, the 9/11 attacks were the main reason behind the US attack in Afghanistan. This war was waged to overthrow the Taliban regime and eliminate the al-Qaeda bases from Afghanistan. Although primarily the US and NATO forces defeated […]

The New US Strategy for Afghanistan: Old Wine in a New Bottle

  The US President Donald Trump announced the new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia on 22 August 2017. This strategy is announced after eight months waiting and during this eight month the delay of this announcement was highly discussed and many proposals were offered. For instance, the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, the privatization […]

The Afghan Mines; the treasuries that are being looted

  The studies on the mineral resource in Afghanistan so far show that there are 1400 mineral fields and resources in Afghanistan with a value of more than one trillion dollars. However, the illegal extraction of minerals and corruption in the mining sector are factors that have resulted in the robbing of these resources in […]

A review of the Afghan refugees’ situation in 2017

  Last week, head of UN women Rebecca Tavares said to a meeting in the presidential palace that Afghanistan was the second country in the world that war has forced its citizens to displace and that she was concerned about the situation of the internally displaced people in this country. [1] On the other hand, […]

The deteriorated security situation in 2017 and the future scenarios

    Speaking at a meeting in Kandahar province, the acting Afghan Minister of Defense Tariq Shah Bahrami said that war is spread to the 23 provinces of the country and nine other provinces are under high-security threat. [1] In the past several months, several strategic districts of the country have fallen into the hands […]

The Trump administration’s hesitation towards the US war in Afghanistan

  The new US strategy towards Afghanistan was to be announced in mid-July 2017; however, due to divisions among the senior officials in the White House and the assessment of various options to deal with Afghanistan, it is delayed. Trump is not happy with the US strategy in Afghanistan in the past 16 years and […]

Criminal Offenses: A Rampant Challenge in the Major Urban Centers

  According to the statistical organs, thousands of incidents of criminal offenses occur annually all over the country, and it is hard to present an inclusive and comprehensive picture from it. Kabul city is considered to be one of the relatively safe urban centers in the country, but the high statistics of crimes in this […]

The altering tactics of US war and the consequences 

  Since the past several weeks, Afghan forces, a school and a large number of civilians were targeted by the US airstrikes. According to the reports, the US troops carried out an airstrike on Afghan soldiers in Greshk district of Helmand province several weeks ago which killed 15 of them. Overall, within five days (between […]

Russia in Afghanistan; its concerns and the probability of military intervention

  The special representative of the Russian President in Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has recently said that Russia would probably undertake military measures against the ISIL in Afghanistan. He stated that if the Afghan and American governments failed against the group, Russia would undertake military option. In response to the remarks of this Russian official, the […]

The US in Afghanistan and the Privatization of War

  Since the past several weeks, the US media are discussing the privatization of the war in Afghanistan.  In an article published in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as well as in an interview on a radio program “Breitbart News Sunday”, the founder of the private military company Blackwater emphasized on changing the US strategy towards […]