Pro-Government Armed Militias against the Government 

  Apparently, local armed forces are militias that have been formed by America and the Afghan government for the purpose of maintaining security. From one hand, these armed militias, however, defended their areas against the government’s armed opposition in short-term, but from the other hand, they are turned into power islands after a while and, […]

A Look at U.S. Military Strategy in Afghanistan

  By Hekmatullah Zaland \ CSRS Increasing insecurity and security challenges in Afghanistan have led to discussions among Afghans about the US military strategy for Afghanistan. The US inspectors also said in a report a few days ago that the Trump military strategy for Afghanistan was not successful. Members of the Afghan parliament and some […]

US-Russia Cold War and its Impacts on the Afghan Issue

  By Hekmatullah Zaland \ CSRS After 2014, the international issues like the Ukraine’s became considered as incidents of New Cold War between Russian and the West and it became unblemished in recent years that there is “New Cold War” going on between Washington and Moscow which has directly impacted Afghanistan as well.    With beginning […]

Why the Afghan War gets Bloodier?

  By Hekmatullah Zaland / CSRS Considering the statistics of international organizations, the Afghan War has got bloodier and more severe every year since 2001. After 2014 and formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, more than 10 thousand of civilians have been killed and wounded every year. Approximately, the entire regions of […]

The heavy casualties of the civilians in the airstrikes

  Last week, the Afghan air forces carried out an airstrike on a gathering in a religious school (madrasa) in Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province, which killed and injured many civilians. Quoting the governor of Dasht-e-Archi District, New York Times has written that this attack was carried out by the Afghan force on the graduation […]

The strategy of war and the fate of the security situation

  Based on the annual report of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), 2017 was another bloody year for Afghans and more than 10000 civilian casualties were recorded in this year. The beginning of 2018 was even bloodier than that of 2017. This increase in civilian casualties was due to the heavy attacks […]

To which direction is the country’s political and security situation headed?

  The political tensions over the governance of Balkh Province and the recent consecutive security incidents in the country have increased concerns about the security and political instability in the country. Even though due the issue of the governance in Balkh no security incident has occurred yet, such issues increase concern about the security and […]

A glimpse into the situation of the country in 2017

  2017 was a year full of challenges and problems for Afghanistan. The political disagreements were reached its highest levels compared to the past 16 years. The security situation in the country was also deteriorated and this years was the bloodiest compared to the past one and half decade. Based on the recent report of […]

The ICC and the war crimes of the international and national forces in Afghanistan

  Head of the International Criminal Court of Hague Fatou Bensouda said last week that the court was seeking allowance to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan. She said that there was enough evidence of war crimes in Afghanistan and after the primary investigation it reached the conclusion that all legal standards and circumstances were present […]

The UN and the peace process in Afghanistan

  Kairat Umarov, head of the sanctions committee of the Security Council of the UN and his fellow delegation visited Kabul on 29 Oct 2017 and discussed the issue of peace and security in his meetings with the Afghan President, Chief Executive and other government officials. According to the Deputy Spokesperson of the Afghan President, […]

The growing distrust in Afghan-Russian ties

  During his speech in Paktia province, the Afghan President for the first time officially accused Russia of supporting the Taliban and said that “The Taliban are receiving assistance from those who have spilled the blood of one and half million Afghans.” Although President Ghani did not mention any country, but it was obvious that […]

Kabul-Delhi ties and the increasing pressures on Islamabad

  The Afghan President went to India on a one-day trip last week and met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, the Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, and some other senior Indian officials. This trip coincided with the US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson’s trip to Kabul, Islamabad, […]

The current situation in Afghanistan and the need to project its real image

  The US and NATO came to Afghanistan under the slogans of maintaining peace and stability in this country. After 16 years, their presence has not brought peace and stability but rather has fueled the war until now. The continuation of the war has deepened the challenges of the country in various areas and has […]

The US-India partnership and its impacts on the region

  The Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah along with 200 Afghan traders, civil activists, journalists and government officials traveled to India and met the Indian Prime Minister and other high-ranking Indian officials. The Afghan Chief Executive signed the agreement of training the Afghan police with the Indian officials. Moreover, the two sides also signed an […]