A review of the Afghan refugees’ situation in 2017

  Last week, head of UN women Rebecca Tavares said to a meeting in the presidential palace that Afghanistan was the second country in the world that war has forced its citizens to displace and that she was concerned about the situation of the internally displaced people in this country. [1] On the other hand, […]

The deteriorated security situation in 2017 and the future scenarios

    Speaking at a meeting in Kandahar province, the acting Afghan Minister of Defense Tariq Shah Bahrami said that war is spread to the 23 provinces of the country and nine other provinces are under high-security threat. [1] In the past several months, several strategic districts of the country have fallen into the hands […]

The Trump administration’s hesitation towards the US war in Afghanistan

  The new US strategy towards Afghanistan was to be announced in mid-July 2017; however, due to divisions among the senior officials in the White House and the assessment of various options to deal with Afghanistan, it is delayed. Trump is not happy with the US strategy in Afghanistan in the past 16 years and […]

Criminal Offenses: A Rampant Challenge in the Major Urban Centers

  According to the statistical organs, thousands of incidents of criminal offenses occur annually all over the country, and it is hard to present an inclusive and comprehensive picture from it. Kabul city is considered to be one of the relatively safe urban centers in the country, but the high statistics of crimes in this […]

The altering tactics of US war and the consequences 

  Since the past several weeks, Afghan forces, a school and a large number of civilians were targeted by the US airstrikes. According to the reports, the US troops carried out an airstrike on Afghan soldiers in Greshk district of Helmand province several weeks ago which killed 15 of them. Overall, within five days (between […]

Russia in Afghanistan; its concerns and the probability of military intervention

  The special representative of the Russian President in Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has recently said that Russia would probably undertake military measures against the ISIL in Afghanistan. He stated that if the Afghan and American governments failed against the group, Russia would undertake military option. In response to the remarks of this Russian official, the […]

The US in Afghanistan and the Privatization of War

  Since the past several weeks, the US media are discussing the privatization of the war in Afghanistan.  In an article published in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as well as in an interview on a radio program “Breitbart News Sunday”, the founder of the private military company Blackwater emphasized on changing the US strategy towards […]

The 17th SCO summit and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Astana, the Kazakhstani capital, hosted the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) leaders on 8 and 9 June 2017. The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had also participated in this meeting. Besides delivering his speech in the summit, the Afghan President met the Presidents of China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as the Prime Ministers of […]

The recent political and security tensions: concerns and outcomes

  The latest bloody incidents in Kabul have paved the way for political tensions in the country, and following the series of political mistrusts, disagreements between Jamiat-e-Islami and the government has increased. The deadly incident in the green zone in Kabul last week killed more than 90 people and injured around 461 others[1]. This incident […]

The Afghan airspace and the existing challenges

  Several days ago, violating the Afghan airspace, Russian airplanes entered Badakhshan province in Northern Afghanistan. Moreover, some media outlets have released reports which suggested that in some of the Northern provinces, unknown helicopters had landed and distributed arms to unknown armed groups. Despite billions of dollars of international community’s aid, Afghanistan is still encountering […]

The Durand Line; its background and impacts on Pak-Afghan ties

  The monthly magazine of (EP Today) has published a piece written by the Vice President of European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki under the title of “Time to revisit the Durand Line” last week. The magazine publishes the articles written by the members of European Parliament about the issues that they regard as important at the […]

Torture and violence against prisoners in Afghanistan

  In its recent report, the US Committee against Torture (CAT) has accused Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Razeq of torturing prisoners, executions without trial and having secret prisons. General Razeq, on the other hand, denies all these accusations. Approximately one month ago (24 April 2017), a report, published by United National Assistance Mission in […]

Hekmatyar’s entry into national politics and its impacts on the country

  After two decades, the head of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appeared in a public gathering in Laghman province. Some lawmakers and government officials had also participated in the meeting, and it was the first time Hekmatyar directly and officially met Afghan government officials since 2001. Hekmatyar give a speech in a gathering of his followers […]

The bloody incident of Balkh and the government’s policy of peace and war

  The Taliban carried out a deadly attack on 209th Shaheen Corps last week. Based on the recent investigations of the Afghan Ministry of Defense, in this assault 140 soldiers are dead, and more than 60 are wounded. Shaheen Corps is one of the major army bases in the Northern Afghanistan. 30 thousand US troops […]