The condition of private institutes of higher education in Afghanistan

  During the last days of 1397[Solar year], the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan banned 26 universities where medical sciences are taught after their Kankor exams. According to MOHE, a delegation of the ministries of higher education and Public health review the activities of 45 private universities which were teaching medical sciences. Their report […]

International women’s day and the condition of women in Afghanistan

  8th March is declared International women’s day. This day is celebrated by many countries annually. Afghanistan is also among the countries where the day is enthusiastically celebrated by the government officials and other institutions to support women. The day was celebrated this year in a period when UNAMA’s annual report has revealed that 1,152 […]

Latest snowfalls and its severe damages and harms

  Due to floods caused by heavy snowfalls and rainfalls on 1st and 2nd March, 2019, dozens of citizens were killed and injured along with destruction of their of houses. Most of the affected people are the citizens of southern provinces. Although the heavy rainfalls and snowfalls have increased hopes for reduction in aridity in […]

An insight into the condition of children in Afghanistan

  According to UNICEF report, released on February 03, 3.8 million Afghan children need assistance, of which half a million are in need of urgent aids. The report states that most of the children who need urgent aid are those who have migrated from their home towns due to war, insecurity, natural disasters, and poverty. […]

The rise of traffic incidents and responsibilities of Afghan government

  Besides loss of dozens of lives and daily casualties of due to the current war, insecurities and natural disasters, traffic incidents are another cause of deaths and injuries for our nation every year. Based on the recent report released by the ministry of Public health, 52,657 people have visited their hospitals due to injuries […]

Air Pollution; an Immense Challenge against Afghan Lives

  On December 15, 2018, Air Visual, a US-based air quality monitor, called Kabul as the most polluted city in the world. While having 353 points of US Air Quality Index (US AQI) at December 15 (and 363 points on December 29), Kabul was among the first ten most polluted cities of world which was […]

Situation of Addicts in Afghanistan

  Most of addicts spend their nights and days at roads and streets of cities where tens of them die as the winter comes in. Every week, the Kabul Municipality personnel discover around ten dead bodies mostly related to addicts and bury them, according the recent remarks made by the relevant authorities. Meanwhile, they are […]

Situation and Needs of Internal Migrants in Afghanistan

  The recent report of United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) indicates that almost half a million Afghans have been displaced from their areas due to wars and drought in Afghanistan. The report also points out that overall 6.3 million Afghans are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance, including 3.7 […]

Kankor and the Situation of Afghan Higher Education

  The results of 2018 Kankor Exam (university admission exam) were announced on 1st August 2018, Almost 160 thousand students participated in the exam out of which 60,051 students were granted admission in higher education institutions while 12,498 students entered the semi-higher education institutions. According to the standards of the Ministry of Higher Education, 150 […]

National Unity Government and the Struggle against Corruption

  A new inspection body became established as a result of a decree by President Ashraf Ghani for the purpose of making more effective struggle against corruption and inspecting the activities of senior governmental officials. The inspection body, however, is being established while there are many other institutions on tackling corruption including Supreme Audit Office […]

Afghan Education; from Slogan to Bitter Realities

  The improvement of education over the past 17 years has been one of the prominent slogans of the Afghan government and the international community; however, over the course of a long time and consuming of billions of dollars, while education has made remarkable progress, there are still many problems and challenges that threaten this […]

Drought; another Challenging Threat for Afghans

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS For now, Drought is another big challenge in the war-torn Afghanistan that, after insecurity and wars, has put the life of millions of Afghans at risk.   In its latest report, The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has indicated that a drought is affecting two […]

The Afghan Parliament and the Corruption Issue in Afghanistan

  By Zia ul Islam Shirani \ CSRS The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has strongly criticized the Afghan National Assembly in its recent report, ” Afghanistan’s Fight against Corruption: From Strategies to Implementation (May 2018)”. The report, which was published a few days ago, assessed the issue of fighting corruption in Afghanistan […]