National consensus over the curriculum and the situation of higher educations in Afghanistan

  In order to improve and standardize the higher education in the country, with the instruction of President Ghani, the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education has undertaken the program of national consensus of reviewing the curriculum of higher education. The current curriculum of the universities has always been criticized for being substandard and outdated. The […]

The current situation in Afghanistan and the need to project its real image

  The US and NATO came to Afghanistan under the slogans of maintaining peace and stability in this country. After 16 years, their presence has not brought peace and stability but rather has fueled the war until now. The continuation of the war has deepened the challenges of the country in various areas and has […]

Criminal Offenses: A Rampant Challenge in the Major Urban Centers

  According to the statistical organs, thousands of incidents of criminal offenses occur annually all over the country, and it is hard to present an inclusive and comprehensive picture from it. Kabul city is considered to be one of the relatively safe urban centers in the country, but the high statistics of crimes in this […]

Selling Government Posts; the untold stories of corruption

  The Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) has received information that suggests the selling of the high-ranking government positions. CSRS’s received this information at a time that, in one of his pieces, the former Minister of Information and Culture Abdul Bari Jahani shared one of his bitter memories from the time of his […]

Afghan Education and the Contention between the Government and the Taliban

  Education is one of the most fundamental and vital part of human life and plays a prime role in the development of the human society. In the past one and half decade, the Afghan education has certainly had remarkable progress, however; still, there exist many problems and challenges in its way, the most important […]

Poverty and Unemployment in Afghanistan: The Two Main Challenges

  The World Bank and the Afghan government have released a joint report about poverty and unemployment in 2013 and 2014. The report, released on 8 May 2017, shows that poverty and unemployment rates are increasing in Afghanistan. The report writes that in these years, 1.3 million new Afghans were added up to peoples living […]

Corruption in judiciary; impacts and factors behind it

  Last week, the special representative of the European Union (EU) for Afghanistan Michael Mellbin said that the Afghan judicial organs were the most corrupt administrations. The reform program of the National Unity Government (NUG) is in a stalemate and corruption rate is increasing day by day. In the meanwhile, Mellbin has also said that […]

Afghanistan in 1395: Achievements and failures

  Compared to the past 15 years, 1395 was one of the most challenging years for Afghanistan. In this year, the security situation was worse than ever, the peace process faced a stalemate, foreign policy was, to a greater extent, imbalanced, the country’s economic growth was low, and the country was dealing with migration crisis […]

The Evaluation of the “National Solidarity Program” in Afghanistan

  After 14 years of activity, the Afghan government shut down the National Solidarity Program (NSP)-the program to develop and rehabilitate the villages- in the ongoing month and instead the “Citizen Charter Program” (CCP) is to be launched. According to the Afghan Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the CCP would also […]

Natural disasters in Afghanistan and countermeasures against them

  Natural calamities kill and displace many Afghans every year. Besides casualties, the affected people and people who are displaced as a consequent of natural disasters are faced with many problems, but the government, on the one hand, lacks preventive measures and has poorly reacted after the occurrence of such events. The Afghan Chief Executive […]

Fight against corruption in 2016

  In his first anti-corruption effort in 2017, Ghani, issued a decree and introduced the former Deputy Ministers of Interior Mujtaba Patang, Jamil Junbish and Jamal Naser Sediqi to the Attorney General’s Office to be investigated for alleged corruption; Ghani also imposed a travel ban on them. The President has also suspended the job of […]

Human Rights during National Unity Government

Since the past few days, Ahmad Ishchi’s accusations against Dostum and a man forcefully marrying two sisters in Nangerhar were widely covered by the media. Ahmad Ishchi, who was the former governor of Jawzjan province and the former deputy of the Junbish party as well as a former friend of General Dostum, has accused the […]

The role of Foreigners in Afghan Corruption

  Corruption is one of the major challenges faced by the Afghan government and people. The Afghans themselves and international community have also criticized the government due to the failure to tackle corruption in the past one and half decade, however, Afghanistan remains as one of the most corrupt country in the world In an […]

2016 and lack of public confidence in the NUG

For the past ten days, some remarks are made and the findings of some researches are released about Afghanistan. In the two-day meeting of NATO members’ foreign ministers in Brussels, where the Afghan foreign minister Salahuddin Rabani had also participated, and three demands were made from the Afghan government, one of which was to tackle […]