Why the recent Peace Offer of the Afghan Government Remains Unanswered/ Interview

  On, February 28, 2018, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, in the Second Kabul Process Conference, presented a new Peace Policy and presented some offers to the Taliban in order to initiate peace talks with the Afghan government. The government’s Peace Policy was widely became supported on national and international level and was covered by media […]

Khuram: Trump would not cross the redlines of the US foreign policy/interview

Introduction In the past several years, the US policy in Afghanistan passed through several stages and was somehow unstable. The US President changed his policy of troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan for several times and particularly in the last year; besides amplifying airstrikes; the United States has increased the role of its soldiers in the Afghan […]

An Update on Taliban’s Split/Interview

In contemporary groups, the Taliban was the only group that was not experienced ramification and division. Nevertheless, since several years, it has been tried to bring disparity and disparity among the Taliban, however, they were able to keep their unity. When the death of former the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omer became exposed, serious disputes […]