Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 252 (May 12‌-‌19, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface US Withdrawal from Iran’s Nuclear Agreement and its Impact on Afghanistan and the Region A look at Iran’s Nuclear Agreement Unilateral US Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal Its Impact on the Region Its Impact on Afghanistan The Afghan War and the Role of Religious Fatwas The Ongoing War in […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 251 (May 5‌-‌12, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Electronic ID Cards and the Future of Present Disputes Need and Importance of Electronic Identity Cards The Delayed Distribution Process of Electronic Identity Cards The Reasons behind Disputes on Electronic ID Cards The Future of Disputes Poverty and Unemployment; Consequence of the Political and Security Instability in Afghanistan Rising Pace […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 250 (April 28 – May 5, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Why the Afghan War gets Bloodier? A Glance at the Current Bloody Situation Challenges Ahead Futile Peace Efforts A Glance at Media Condition in Afghanistan Background Afghan Media after 2001 Barriers toward Media Why Media and its Employees are Targeted?   Download:  Weekly Analysis-250

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 249 (April 21-28, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Sino-Afghan Strategic Friendship and its Impacts on the Region Kabul-Beijing Broadening Ties China’s Cumulative Enthusiasm China’s Impact on Afghan-Pak Relations Regional Policies Challenges against Upcoming Parliamentary Elections The Election Process Challenges to the Elections Will the Elections be Inclusive and Transparent? The impact of People’s Voice against War   Download:  […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 248 (April 14-21, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Will Kabul-Islamabad Ties Ameliorate? The Bilateral Ties at a Glance Main Problem in Kabul-Islamabad Ties The future of Kabul-Islamabad Ties People Peace Demands and Hopes for Security Maintenance Peace and People Movement Need Helmand Peace Demanders Demands of People’s Peace Movement The impact of People’s Voice against War   Download:  […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 247 (April 7-14, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The Course of Afghan-Turk Friendship Kabul-Ankara Ties The National Unity Government and Turkey Economic and Trade Relations Future of Afghan-Turk Ties The Condition of Health Sector and Access to Health Care Services in Afghanistan Healthcare Services in Afghanistan Increase in the Cases of Various Diseases Problems existed in Health Sector […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 246 (March 31-7 April, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The heavy casualties of the civilians in the airstrikes Airstrikes Civilian casualties The consequences of the increased civilian casualties Afghanistan and the cold war between Russia and USA Relations between Russia and the Taliban The cold war Afghanistan’s position   Download: Weekly Analysis-246

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 245 (March 24-31, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The Tashkent Conference and Afghan Peace Success Factors The changing peace policy of Afghan government Evaluation of Government’s Peace Proposal Afghan Peace Success Factors Beginning of new Educational Year and Problems of Education system in Afghanistan Background of education in Afghanistan Education Condition in Afghanistan Reasons behind education’s unsavory condition […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 244 (March 10-17, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Afghan Woman; the Victim of ultra-conservatism and ultra-liberalism Violence against Women in the World Violence against women in Afghanistan Reasons behind Violence against Women What should be done?  Why the recent Peace Offer of the Afghan Government Remains Unanswered/ Interview   Download: Weekly Analysis-244

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 243 (March 3-10, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The beginning of the third illegal year of the Parliament and the vague fate of the elections The Afghan Constitution and the extension of the working period of the parliament The performance of Wolesi Jirga in its two additional year The fate of the Parliamentary elections The tenuous Pak-Afghan ties […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 242 (Feb 24-March 3, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Kabul Process; will the face to face talks start? The difference between the first and second meetings of Kabul Process The change in the peace policy of the government The government’s recommendations to the Taliban The Taliban’s reaction Evaluation of the NUG’s struggle against corruption NUG’s policy The past three […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 241 (Feb 17-24, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The strategy of war and the fate of the security situation Civilian casualties The Responsibility of civilian casualties The future situation The condition of the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in Afghanistan IDPs and their human rights IDPs in Afghanistan NUG’s Strategy towards IDPs   Download: Weekly Analysis-241

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 240 (Feb 10-17, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface The rumors about extending the NUG’s term The promises of the NUG The three years of the NUG’s governance The future of the NUG The upcoming meeting of the Kabul Process and the fate of the peace talks The objectives of Kabul Process The first meeting of Kabul Process The […]

The analytic book “The Afghan-Sino bilateral relations” releases

  Following its previous publications, the Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) published the analytic book “The Afghan-Sino Bilateral relations 1955-2015”. Besides the background of the bilateral ties between the two countries, in this book, the political and economic relations between the two countries in the past one and half decades are also analyzed. […]