Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 273 (Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Need for Regional Cooperation on Afghan Peace The Three Obstacles Toward Afghan Peace Importance of Cooperation of Regional Countries The Moscow Meeting A Look at Trade and Transit Condition during NUG Trade and Transit Problems Existed in Transit and Trade Sector Hopes for Improvement in Afghan Trade and Transit   […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 272 (‌‌Oct 20-27, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Release of Mullah Baradar and New Developments on Afghan Peace Latest Peace Developments Release of Mullah Baradar Secret Deal Allegations Deficiencies and Challenges of Parliamentary Elections Delayed Parliamentary Elections Disorder and Fraud in Elections Conclusion   Download: Weekly Analysis-272

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 271 (‌‌Oct 13-20, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Illegal Extraction and Lack of Transparency in Afghan Mine Contracts The Afghan Subterranean Resources Mines and Afghan War Government Capacity for Mine Extractions Contracts on Badakhshan’s Gold and Balkhab’s Copper What should be done?  8-year Progress of Wolesi Jirga’s 16th Legislative Term 16th Legislative Term of Wolesi Jirga MPs accused […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 270 (‌‌Oct 6-13, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Khalilzad’s New Mission and Future of Afghan Peace Talks The New Mission of Zalmay Khalilzad Peace Talks with Taliban Will Khalilzad succeed in his Mission? Barriers Facing the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections Electoral Mechanism Opposition of Political Parties Will Elections be held on Time?   Download: Weekly Analysis-270

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 269 (Sep 29-‌‌Oct 6, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Plan for Privatization of Afghan War and its Consequences Blackwater Mercenaries Reactions against Privatization of the Afghan War Consequences of Privatization of Afghan War Deteriorating Security Situation and Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections Insecurity: a great challenge facing the elections Whether the elections will be general and transparent?   […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 268 (September 22-29, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Continuation of Blind Air Strikes under shadow of silence of National Unity Government Lack of attention to the lives of people in the Afghan war Blind Air Strikes Conclusion 73rd UNGA and Afghanistan Afghanistan and UN Afghanistan Participation in 73rd UNGA What Happened at the 73rd UNGA?   Download:  Weekly […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 267 (September 15-22, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Kabul-Islamabad Ties after Election of Imran Khan Imran Khan’s Afghanistan Strategy Will Imran Khan Fulfill his Promises? Future of Afghan-Pak Ties Kabul-Washington Security Agreement and the Need for Reviewing Afghanistan-U.S Security Agreement Consequences of Security Agreement with U.S Need for Reviewing Security Agreement with the U.S   Download:  Weekly Analysis-267

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 266 (September 8-15, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface 9/11 and Never-ending Afghan Tragedy U.S. Campaign on Afghanistan The Current Situation of the Ongoing U.S War in Afghanistan Conclusion High Civilian Casualties during Four Years of NUG NUG and Civilian Casualties Factors behind Civilian Causalities Need to End War and Maintain Peace   Download:  Weekly Analysis-266

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 265 (September 1-8‌‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Role and Future of Regional Efforts in Afghan Peace Regional Peace Efforts Afghan Government and Regional Peace Efforts Taliban-U.S. Talks Conclusion Change in Foreign Forces Command and its Impact on Afghan War A Glance at Changes in War Command (2001-2018) Donald Trump’s Military Strategy Need for Change in U.S. Strategy […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 264 (Aug 25-1 Sep‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Zalmay Khalilzad and his expected new mission in Afghanistan Khalilzad: From Afghanistan to White House New Mission Ensuing Scenario The Taliban Attack on Ghazni and Future of Peace in Afghanistan Increase in Taliban Offensive Attacks Offensive on Cultural Capital of Islamic Civilization Consequences of Taliban attack on Ghazni City   […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 263 (August 4-11‌‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface 2019 Presidential Elections and Challenges Ahead Presidential Elections Will the Presidential Elections be Held? Conclusion Kankor and the Situation of Afghan Higher Education Kankor: Towards Transparency Situation of Universities in Afghanistan What the higher education system needs in Afghanistan?   Download: Weekly Analysis-263

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 262 (July 28-4 August‌‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Peace and the New Emerging Aspects of the Afghan War Direct Talks between the U.S. and Taliban The “Local Army” Plan The Afghan War Peace Prospects Political Coalitions and their Organizational Foundations in Afghanistan Opposition and Anti-Government Coalitions Political Coalitions in Afghanistan “Great National Coalition of Afghanistan”   Download: Weekly […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 261 (July 21-28‌‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Reviewing the Trump Strategy: The Need for Resolving the Afghan Crisis A Picture of the Current Situation Factors behind the Trump Strategy Failure The Need for Change in U.S Strategy Gen. Dostum: a Prominent Figure for Every Afghan President from Dr. Najeeb to Dr. Ghani The First Vice President Gen. Dostum […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 260 (July 14-21‌‌, 2018)

  In this issue: Preface Confrontation of Political Parties with Government and Fate of Parliamentary Elections 2018 Parliamentary Elections Role of Afghan political parties in Elections Recent Confrontation of Government with Political Parties Election Outcomes Role of NATO Organization in Afghan War and Peace NATO and Afghan War NATO:  Insistence on War instead of Peace […]