Weekly Analysis

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 211 (June 10-17, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The new diplomatic crisis in the Middle East and its impacts on the region The Middle East in international politics The complex rivalries in the Middle East Why did the Gulf crisis emerge? Its impacts on Qatar and the region The 17th SCO summit and its impacts on Afghanistan Shanghai […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 210 (June 3-10, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Can the “Kabul Process” pave the way for peace? The NUG and its peace policy The primary objectives of the Kabul Process Has the new trend of peace begun?  The recent political and security tensions: concerns and outcomes The nature of recent security incidents in Kabul The expansion of political […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 209 (May 27-3 June, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The Afghan airspace and the existing challenges Airspace control in Afghanistan The Afghan Civil and Military Aviation Is our airspace safe?  Afghan Education and the Contention between the Government and the Taliban Education in Afghanistan in the post-2001 years The NUG and the Afghan education The situation of education in […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 208 (May 20-27, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The Arab Islamic American Summit and its impacts on the Islamic world The US and Saudi Arabia’s counter-terrorism policies The Riyadh 2017 summit Riyadh summit’s impacts on Islamic world and Afghanistan The Tangled Triangle of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the US The Riyadh-Washington ties Tehran-Riyadh relations Washington-Tehran ties Middle East […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 207 (May 13-20 , 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The Durand Line; its background and impacts on Pak-Afghan ties Gandumak and Durand; treaties imposed on unrepresented nation Why is not the Durand Line acceptable? What is the main problem in the Afghan-Pak relations? Torture and violence against prisoners in Afghanistan Torture in Afghanistan Torturing prisoners after 2001 The National […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 206 (May 6-13 , 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Iran’s position in the Afghan foreign policy Kabul-Tehran ties Iran’s current role in Afghanistan Jawad Zarif’s trip to Iran and Kabul-Tehran future relations Poverty and Unemployment in Afghanistan: The Two Main Challenges  Poverty in Afghanistan Unemployment in Afghanistan Factors behind unemployment and poverty Strategies to fight unemployment and poverty Academic […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 205 (April 29-6 May, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Hekmatyar’s entry into national politics and its impacts on the country Why did Karzai not make a peace deal with Hezb-e-Islami? The Transformation of Hezb-e-Islami’s Struggle The model of peace with Hezb-e-Islami and the Taliban The impacts of Hekmatyar’s emergence on national politics Tensions between Kabul and Islamabad and efforts […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 204 (April 22-29, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The bloody incident of Balkh and the government’s policy of peace and war The assault on 209th Shaheen Corps and some questions that it raised Assault on Shaheen Corps; reactions and impacts The NUG’s policy of peace and war The new US administration and the future of Kabul-Washington relations The […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 203 (April 15-22, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The mother of all bombs, the reasons behind its use and its evaluation ISIL in Nangerhar ISIL and the Mother of All Bombs The MOAB from a regional and international changes prospective The Afghan government’s stance The NUG and the alarms of political instability The challenges ahead The NUG’s internal […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 202 (April 8-15, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The Impacts of the Syrian crisis on Afghanistan Arab Spring and Syrian Crisis Afghanistan and Syrian crisis The new crisis in Syria and its impacts on Afghanistan Indonesia in the Afghan foreign policy The background of bilateral relations After 2001 President Ghani’s recent visit to Jakarta The importance of Kabul-Jakarta […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 201 (April 1-8, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Initiation of foreign efforts regarding the Afghan peace process Evaluation of the peace efforts in NUG’s tenure The current deadlock of the peace process The unclear US policy towards the Afghan peace process The Moscow Conference on peace: is the peace process changing? Afghan-Australia Relations (2001-2017) The Afghan-Australian ties The […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 200 (March 25- April 1, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Corruption in judiciary; impacts and factors behind it Corruption at Judiciary Factors behind corruption in judiciary The impacts of corruption in judicial organs Increase in US troops level in Afghanistan and Trump’s unclear AfPak Policy The US’s Military strategy in Afghanistan The demand to increase US troops Is increasing US […]

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 199 (March 18-25, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface Afghanistan in 1395: Achievements and failures Foreign policy The evaluation of peace-related improvements Economic situation Security situation Internal politics of the Afghan government Conclusion   Download: Weekly Analysis-199

Weekly Analysis – Issue Number 198 (March 11-18, 2017)

  In this issue: Preface The Evaluation of the “National Solidarity Program” in Afghanistan NSP, from the beginning to the end Did NSP achieve its objectives? The impacts of the NSP on the country   Download: Weekly Analysis-198