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Erdoğan Presidency and its Impacts on the Region

  On June 24, Turkey held Presidential and Parliamentary Elections that were watched by the world. These elections were so important due to various reasons.  The powerful leader of Turkey, Recept Tayyip Erdoğan became the president of the country for five more years as a result of the Presidential Election in Turkey. Besides that, his […]

The US-Pakistan tenuous relations and its impacts on Afghanistan

  Since the first day of January 2018, a new phase has started in Washington-Islamabad relations. For the first time, the US President toke a harsh stance towards Pakistan and criticized this country in one of his Tweeter posts. After this Tweet, the US National Security Advisor General Mac Master also said that Trump was […]

The escalation of tensions in the US-Iran ties and its impacts on Afghanistan

  The US President Donald Trump last week criticized Iran for its ballistic missiles and its support from the extremist groups in the Middle East. Since the past one month, it is not the first time that Trump criticizes Iran; before this, he had used harsh rhetoric against this country and criticized the nuclear deal […]

The BRICS declaration and its impacts on the region

  In the declaration of its recent summit on September 11, BRICS, which is an organization of five powerful countries, condemned the activities of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network, ISIS, Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Ahrar, and some other armed groups in the region and particularly in Afghanistan. Most importantly, in this declaration the phrase […]

The Arab Islamic American Summit and its impacts on the Islamic world

  On 21 May 2017, the “Arab-Islamic American Summit” was organized in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh where most of the Muslim countries’ leaders attended. An important participant in this meeting was the US President Donald Trump who delivered the keynote speech besides the Saudi King Salman. Except for Iran, Syria and some Central […]

The Tangled Triangle of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the US

  Speaking at the gathering of around 55 Muslim countries, the US President Donald Trump and the Saudi Arabian King Salman called Iran a terrorist supporter last week and reiterated to confront the measures undertaken by this country. The US and Saudi Arabia accused Iran of destabilizing the region and the world at a time […]

Donald Trump’s Doctrine and his predicted policy agenda

  Republican candidate for the US Presidential Elections Donald Trump won victory, defeated his rival Hillary Clinton (predicted to be a winner in elections), and became the 45th President of the United States. Prior to elections, due to his various remarks, particularly his remarks about women, in many opinion polls Donald Trump was behind Hillary […]

The US-India closing ties and its impacts on the region

  The US Secretary of Defense and Indian Defense Minister signed the “Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)” last week. Coincide with that, the US Secretary of State John Kerry also visited India and met some Indian Senior Officials. The signature of LEMOA and the US Secretary of States’ visit to India occur at a […]

Consequences of Russian Presence in Syria

Military presence of Russia in Syria has faced the crisis of Middle East with new challenges. Russians by having military presence and supporting the regime of Bashar Ul Asad in Syria, along with Iran and Lebnan’s Hizbullah, obviously took position against the goals of West in the area. It looks like Russians, with this presence […]

The Migration Crisis and the Situation of Afghan Migrants in the World

According to a research conducted by EU, the numbers of migrants at the EU’s borders have reached a record high of 107,500 in July, 2015.[1] For the first time, the number of illegal migrants has surpassed the 100,000 mark in a single month. According to this research, Afghans are the third highest source of immigration […]

The West-Iran nuclear deal and its impacts on the region and Afghanistan

Since many decades, one of the reasons behind the soured relations between Iran’s Islamic revolution with Saudi Arabia and Israel is the Iranian nuclear program. These two countries didn’t only consider the nuclear-armed Iran as a threat to its national security but they also see it a threat and hindrance to its (Saudi and Israeli) […]

The Ongoing “neo” Cold War & Its Impacts

With the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis in 2014 most of the political analysts called it the beginning of “second” or “neo” Cold War. The crisis has not been handled yet and the relations between U.S. and Russia are still tense. The fresh statements of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and responses from western and […]

The Iran-US Deal & Its Impacts on the Region

  For many decades Iranian nuclear program’s news have circulated in international news agencies. The USA and Iran have been busy in talks with each other regarding Iran’s nuclear program. But the process has been accelerated since Mohammad Hassan Rouhani reached the power. Now, after 18 months of talks, both sides forge a mutually acceptable […]