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The Burma Tragedy and the Situation of Rohingya Muslims

  Since the past two weeks, the Muslim population of Burma is under the cruelties of Buddhists in this country; that is why since the past two weeks; more than 120 thousand Rohingya Muslims have taken refuge in Bangladesh.   According to the reports, the war has begun between the government troops and Aracken Rohingya […]

The new diplomatic crisis in the Middle East and its impacts on the region

  At the beginning of June 2017, the Persian Gulf witnessed the most unprecedented diplomatic crisis ever. The crisis emerged when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and United Arab Emirate one after another and within ten minutes cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar. These countries withdrew all their diplomatic staff and also ejected Qatari Ambassadors and […]

The Arab Islamic American Summit and its impacts on the Islamic world

  On 21 May 2017, the “Arab-Islamic American Summit” was organized in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh where most of the Muslim countries’ leaders attended. An important participant in this meeting was the US President Donald Trump who delivered the keynote speech besides the Saudi King Salman. Except for Iran, Syria and some Central […]

The Tangled Triangle of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the US

  Speaking at the gathering of around 55 Muslim countries, the US President Donald Trump and the Saudi Arabian King Salman called Iran a terrorist supporter last week and reiterated to confront the measures undertaken by this country. The US and Saudi Arabia accused Iran of destabilizing the region and the world at a time […]

Dr. Mahathir Mohammad’s prize for best academic paper

The Kuala Lumpur summit announced the Dr. Mahathir Mohammad Annual Prize for research on “Good governance in Islam”. The registration begins from 15 August to 1 October 2016. The three qualified people will each receive prizes in the following categories: the main prize will be given to senior male and female researchers, a special prize […]

OIC and Afghanistan

The 13th session of OIC was held in Istanbul, Turkey and leaders from more than 30 countries had participated including the Afghan Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and the Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani. Generally, in this summit, terrorism, Palestine, Syria and cooperation among Islamic countries were discussed. The background of OIC, the reasons […]

The Saudi-Iran tussle and its impacts on Afghanistan and the region

Before the beginning of 2016 it was predicted that in the new year the Saudi-Iran relations will improve, and they will come to an agreement regarding the crisis in Syria; because they have been prepared to come to the negotiation table in relation to the Syrian crises, but the first week of 2016 annihilated these […]

Turkish Elections and the Victory of Justice and Development Party 

The victory of the Justice and Development Party (known by the Turkish acronym AKP) in Turkey’s Parliamentary Elections held on 1st November was unexpected to many around the world. AKP was not able to win the majority of the seats in previous Parliamentary Elections that were held five months ago, and due to this it […]

Turkish Parliamentary Elections: Will it change Foreign Policy?

The Turkish Parliamentary elections took place on June 7, 2015 in order to elect 550 members to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The Justice & Development Party, which is in short known as AK Party, won more seats of Parliament compared to any other contesters. Even though, the AK party has won the largest […]

The Saudi Arabia-Iran ‘Great Game’ in Yemen and Afghanistan

  Since the last decade, Yemen is dragged into a Civil War. Even though the war was turned into a peace accord in 2010, but with the Arab Spring President Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced to resign from his Presidency. In the post-Ali Abdullah Saleh Yemen, the new president Abduruboh Mansoor Hadi, for many reasons […]

Saudi efforts towards Anti-Iran Alliance

  In recent few weeks Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz invited considerable number of leaders Sunni countries to the Kingdom. The leaders included the coup-president of Egypt Abdul Fatal Al-Sisi, Turkey President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, the Amirs of Kuwait and UAE, the PM of Pakistan Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. In these […]

Again the crimes of America and Israel in Gaza

Incentive of Israel for killings in Palestine Gaza once again Gaza witnessed bloodshed of its innocent inhabitants. Gaza witnessed brutal crimes of Israel and resisted. Finally after three weeks of resistance more than 1800 innocent civilians of Gaza martyred and thousands of them injured and the most city of Gaza has been destroyed while the […]

Saudi-Iran-Turkey; the players of Cold War in Middle East

Middle East is the pivot of several problems after the World War I, and during the Cold War (1945-1991) or after this era; but recently lots of new events have happened, like the bloody and protracted civil war in Syria, overthrowing of Morsi’s government in Egypt, on-going violence in Iraq and the catastrophe of Palestine. […]