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The Afghans Concerned about Future

Published Date: April 21, 2015



The internal differences between the two fictions of National Unity (NUG) Government of Afghanistan have immense negative impacts on political, security and economic situation of the country. From the beginning, 50-50 power sharing between the two teams was problematic. And now, after around 7 months of NUG the issues have increased and the fears of future expanded.


The Unfulfilled Promises

President Ghani promised Afghan people of forming the new professional and uncorrupt cabinet within first 45 days and would struggle against corruption, mainly the Kabul Bank scandal the biggest corruption scandal in 13 years.

Ashraf Ghani promised during his electoral campaign that he would peruse peace process with full intensity because peace is considered the prime requirement for the development of Afghanistan in rest of the spheres.

In the framework of NUG the two teams agreed upon forming electoral reform commission to amend the independent election commission and some problematic laws, before the next parliamentary election.

Now, after six months of NUG, none of the aforesaid promises have been fulfilled and with the passage of everyday the differences emerge between the president and the chief executive officer (CEO). The ongoing political scenario has great negative impacts on economic, security and political situations of the country.



The differences over the appointment of figures on essential positions of defense ministry and the continuation of deadlock regarding the crucial security-related decisions caused defeats in operations. Recently, Taliban fought wars against the Afghan National Army (ANA) which had unprecedented casualties in this season of war.

The members of national assembly (MNAs) and members of provincial assembly (MPAs) of Helmand province call the ongoing Zulfiqar operations in this province as failed. The catastrophe in Badakhshan province where Taliban seized many posts of the Afghan Police and killed many is a vivid defeat of the government. The reason behind this defeat, before everything else, is the issue of internal differences between the two teams of NUG, but as usual the local officials will remain responsible, finally.


Tackling Corruption

The level of corruption in NUG clearly reveals that it has been expanded largely comparing to President Karzai’s regime. Only in one case, a recent inspection discloses that $ 200million have been embezzled in a defense ministry oil contract.

President Ghani’s promise for returning the stolen money of Kabul Bank is confined to a showy court. President’s measure was greatly benefitted as a propaganda tool.

Corruption is, therefore, increased in NUG unlike Karzai’s era as that the two sides of the government each one supports its own allies. No side allows his supporters to be prosecuted.


Economic Crisis

During the last 13 years with the presence of foreign troops, Afghanistan economy is highly injected with moneyand the economy was wholly dependent upon foreign aids. Recently when a huge number of foreign troops left the country, it affected the money market and unemployment level which lowered the general level of the income.

Depreciation in domestic currency would affect the life of the general public but the government is struggling to control currency value by its limited reserve and purchasing it by dollars.

In such a condition the government is increasing Taxes on private sector, which is transferrable, as they are transferring it to the end consumer and the ultimate result is that general price level would be increased and poverty level will be expanded.


Peace Process

One of Ashraf Ghani’s prominent promises was to pursue peace process with full intensity. But once he took over, he turned his attention to Pakistan with the notion that Taliban are not more than tools in the hand of Pakistan. The process, according to Pakistani officials promise to be started in early March, but yet to begin. Taliban, too, refused to talk to the NUG through Pakistan, which turned the efforts into stalemate.


Disagreements over figures selection

In many situations, selecting figures for key government posts have been a cause of differences between Ghani and Abdullah. Though in each point of differences, they have mentioned that the differences would be settled through talks. Even though it wastes time and snatches opportunities.  

One of the key point of disagreement was over electoral reform commission, which both the sides agreed upon in the framework of NUG. The CEO of NUG has doubts on the intentions of president in electoral reforms.

After seven months of NUG, the two sides have not been able to form a new cabinet. When the rest of picks introduced for ministries, national defense ministry is still point of difference. The absence of defense minister and the war season of Taliban began which causes great casualties to security forces.    



The situation in Afghanistan is fragile. The emergence of more extremist groups comparing to Taliban is an alarm. The increasing poverty can provide the groups with the chances of attracting more individuals.

Peace process is of the prime importance for Afghanistan which is still confined to rumors and showy activities. Corruption is in boost and the bankruptcy turned Afghanistan into a failed state.  

People are very concerned regarding the ongoing situation and disappointed of the future. Although, some international institutions, allege with false surveys, that people are satisfied with current situation and hopeful for the future. The institutions try to show in their respective countries that their taxes have not been wasted in Afghanistan. But the reality is, people under Ashraf Ghani’s rule are in worse situation than that of Karzai, the former president.

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