Again the crimes of America and Israel in Gaza

Incentive of Israel for killings in Palestine

Gaza once again Gaza witnessed bloodshed of its innocent inhabitants. Gaza witnessed brutal crimes of Israel and resisted. Finally after three weeks of resistance more than 1800 innocent civilians of Gaza martyred and thousands of them injured and the most city of Gaza has been destroyed while the whole world watched them, especially Islamic world. Israel was trying to kill as more children as they could because they had a pretext for this in their fake Book:

“God says: Since the people of Palestine got revenge from Israel and had enmity from the past times and were trying to eliminate them, therefore I will eliminate Palestinians. Yes, I will eliminate all those who lives in Palestine territory. Hazqial 25”

Based on these fake documents they kill Palestinians with the claim that this is the decision of the god through a book. Ben Gorion has said:

Palestinians must retune to their homes… the elders will die and the young generation will forget it.

Musha Dyan has said once that: “Palestine does not exist, they were never existed” and Obama in justifying of killing civilian children says: “Israel has the right to defend”

Now the western media strongly tries to introduce Muslims to the world as cruel as they want to eliminate all the non-Muslims; but the fact is neglected in media, In Israel teaches their holly book only in 6 years of age that this territory is From Egypt to Shatte Azim yours. These ideas grantees the great Israel plan and also occupying more lands of Arabs currently and in future. 

The background of Israel crimes in Gaza

This time is not the first time that Israel attacked Gaza; the latest attack before these oppressive, three years ago. Israel attacked Gaza in 2008 and Palestinians called that bloodshed as Gaza’s mass killing. That war which was named by Israel as watered Srap and continued for three months from December 2008 to January 2009 Israeli criminals imposed heavy casualties in one day over the people of Gaza which were first time after Arab and Isreal war in 1947, finally announced one part ceasefire, and blocked all the ways towards Gaza even prevents importing goods for reconstruction.

In that war Israel used banned weapons which contained white Phosphors, at the beginning of that attack more than one hundred ton of bombs and rocket shield on Gaza. While Gaza is one of the populated areas in the world, now we see they repeated that action again.  

The United Nations in that time accused Israel with widespread violation of human rights. However UN’s report which is known as Goldstone report and prepared by a Jewish and called Israel as the big violent of human rights, but this condemning did not had any benefit for the people of Gaza. Gaza is still blocked and its people live under heavy economic sanctions. The only way from which nourishment can be delivered to Gaza were tunnels from Egypt’s territory which were destroyed after Al Sisi came to power in Egypt.

If the crimes of Israeli Jewish against 2008 were prosecuted internationally, if the puppet regimes in Islamic world were opposing Israel, Israel would not be encouraging to attack Gaza again and kill civilians. Obama says Israel has the right to defend, it means Israel has the right to kill children and civilians.

The opportunity for breaking Gaza’s blockage

The Hammas can benefit their resistance in this war and the opportunity for pressurizing Israel. Gaza strip is under the blockage of Israel for years and even constructive materials are banned to be entered to this region. Gaza blockage was considered as systematic mass killing of Gaza in past years. Now when Israel is facing failures in achieving their goals and are under pressures for being criticized by general public because of killing of children and civilians and that is clear that they cannot use more powerful pressure against the people of Gaza as they used now, Hammas can insist on breaking the blockage of Gaza as a precondition for negotiation.

If Israel has the right for defense, the people of Gaza strip have the right to be released from the jails of Israel and Egypt. Islamic countries must seriously support this demand of the people of Gaza and save them from the blockage.  

Reaction of Afghans

All over the world the people raised their voices against crimes of Israel, but in Afghanistan the civil protests were weak, but an Afghan soldier expressed his anger and responded violently to Israel crimes by killing a high level American General and wounding some others. This incident shows that neglecting the widespread crimes against Muslims can be responded violently by the people that America expects their friendship.

By: Waheed Mozhdah

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