Academic Council

CSRS Academic Council consists of eight members including the General Director and Deputy General Director of the Center. The Academic Council advice CSRS to improve its affairs. All members of the Academic Council are academic personalities at national and regional levels, many of whom are university professors with PHD degrees. Here are the detailed profiles of the council’s members:


Director-General-Mr-Naveedi-1Mr. Naseer Ahmad Naveedi

Mr. Naseer Ahmad Naveedi is the Director General of the center. He holds his Master in International relations and Politics, and served as a Director of Eslah Media Group, social activist, author, Journalist, and lecturer at Salam Private University. In his academic work more than 200 articles published which cover different areas such as Politics, Religion, Society and etc.



Mohammad Modaser Islami is the Board Member at the Center for Strategic and Regional Studies. Mr. Islami has completed his post-graduation in social sciences from India and Sweden. He has written and published many articles and analysis around a number of socio-political and economic issues, such as: unemployment, corruption, rural education, elections, youth, etc.

In addition, Mr. Islami is a well-known writer and social activist across Afghanistan and his work and views have been published in several national and international media outlets.

He has also represented Afghanistan in various international gatherings and conferences and presented his views on multiple issues concerning the youth of Afghanistan.

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