Conference Report «A Look at the Current Monetary Crisis and the Depreciation of Afghani Currency»

The decline of the value of Afghani and the problems of liquidity of the banks in this last month and the ways of going out of this situation and generally the harsh financial and economic situation of the country were the topics that were discussed in the virtual conference of the Centre for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) by experts and former officials of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, private banks and the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

This webinar which was held on Saturday (18th of September, 2021) through Zoom, Wahid  Nosher, former acting governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan; Ahmad Khesraw Zia, former governor of Pashtany Bank, Maiwand Bank, and Bank-e-Mellie Afghan (BMA); and also Said Mobin Shah Musamam, advisor and the founder of the Policy Department of Da Afghanistan Bank and the former Deputy Minister of Customs and Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance participated and addressed the conference.

At the beginning of the conference, Kamran Malik, an expert in economics and a member of CSRS spoke on behalf of the holding committee of this webinar pointing at the current situation of the country and the aims of holding this webinar.

Dr. Misbahullah Abdulbaqi, director general of CSRS, besides welcoming the participants stated: “Afghanistan is currently passing through a very critical and delicate stage and a sudden halt of the foreign aids and freezing the treasures of the Central Bank of Afghanistan has led to economical crisis in the country. At the same time, the success of the new change in the country is a necessity for this stage, and if this experience fails, Afghanistan once again returns to the problems and civil wars which will make the situation of the country hard to be controlled. Given this delicate situation, the aim of this online conference is to examine the current situation and present possible ways of changing it so that we can do our duty to our country in this delicate situation.”

The speakers of this webinar discussed the role of the Central Bank in stability of Afghani, depreciation of the Afghani currency against the Dollar, a look at the monetary policies of the country, a look at the liquidity problems of banks, evaluation of the future of banking in Afghanistan and the possible solutions.

At the end of this webinar, Mr. Shakir Jalali, Islamic banking expert and a doctoral candidate, spoke on behalf of the holding committee of the webinar and concluded the outcomes of these discussions, and evaluated it effective and valuable in the current situation.

The participants of this program, especially the media representatives and experts of this field with their comments and questions from the speakers of the webinar, praised this program and counted it valuable at this delicate situation.

It is worth to be mentioned that these discussions of the webinar beside its live streaming will be soon published as video clips and as an article from the web pages of the centre and will be made accessible to the relevant authorities. Beside this, the CSRS will continue holding such conference focusing, particularly, on the financial and economical situation of the country.

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لینک ویدیوی کنفرانس آنلاین


واحد نوشیر – سرپرست اسبق بانک مرکزی افغانستان

احمد خسرو ضیا – سرپرست اسبق بانک ملی افغان (BMA)

سید مبین شاه – مشاور اسبق د افغانستان بانک و معین پیشین عواید و گمرکات وزارت مالیه

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