CSRS at a Glance

Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS)

Kabul, Afghanistan

The Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) was established on July, 2009, in Kabul. It is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, civil society organization, which is committed to promote policy-oriented research, and to provide precise, organized and academic research and studies concerning national, regional and global level.

The CSRS is working to hold constructive dialogues, arrange academic and intellectual programs and enrich ideas and opinions. CSRS publishes analytical articles and conducts strategic analysis on Afghanistan’s political, social, cultural and economic issues.


  • Doing academic research on strategic and important issues related to Afghanistan and the region in order to facilitate specialists, researchers, and decision and policy makers to make sound policies, raise awareness about the problems, and to give viable alternatives for the present strategies and policies.


CSRS aims to address policy-oriented issues concerning Afghanistan and the region through its applied research, dialogue, and publications.


  • Creates comprehensive strategic awareness;
  • Spreads the culture and manner of strategic thinking among elites active in the various fields;
  • Paves the way for dialogue between different parties involved in the current issues of Afghanistan;
  • Studies and researches on crises and proposes appropriate solutions;
  • Participates in raising public awareness about strategic, critical and future-making issues of Afghanistan

Areas of Research

  • Afghanistan (Peace, Economy, Society, Politics, Security, Foreign Policy)
  • Region and the World (Afghanistan and its Neighbors, Islamic World, Global issues and Politics)

Benefiting parties

  • Policy and decision makers;
  • Lawmakers and legislative organizations;
  • Think Tanks;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Mass media;
  • Stakeholders involved in strategic planning

Fields of Focus

  • Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy;
  • The Neighboring countries’ foreign policies’ towards Afghanistan;
  • Regional and international issues which has deep impacts on Afghanistan;
  • Issues related to peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan;
  • Human rights, Education, Economy and culture of Afghanistan;
  • Afghan refugees and repatriation;
  • Issues related to neighboring and regional countries;
  • Issues related to Islamic world;


Means and Resources

  • Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops on national and international level;
  • Organizing dialogues;
  • Conducting independent researches;
  • Partnering with similar research institutes;
  • Publications (Weekly analysis, bi-annual Journal-Tahleel-, Strategic Booklets, Books)


  • Tahleel-e-Hafta, a weekly analysis of the most important issues concerning Afghanistan and the region (5 Volumes, 120 issues)
  • Tahleel Mujalla, a bi-annual Journal (three issues)
  • Strategic Reports (Three Publications)
  • Books

Address: Bagh-e-Bala Road, Opposite to Qasr-e-Suliman Restaurant, Kabul – Afghanistan

Email:  info@csrskabul.com       csrskabul@gmail.com, Phone: 0784089590

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