The CSRS will soon release “Afghanistan in the past one and a half-decade” analytical report



The “Afghanistan in the past one and a half-decade” analytical and research report will be released on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017 in a publication ceremony held in Inter-Continental Hotel.

The report, which is roundabout 400 pages, is a CSRS product and has comprehensively studied the main sectors of the country.

The report has realistically and impartially studied the situation of the country in the areas of peace, foreign policy, corruption, migrants and internally displaced people, economy (national economy, trade, energy, industry and agriculture), security and crimes, education and higher education. The report includes a background of the above mentioned sectors, their situation after 1380 (2000) and has put more focus on 1394 (2015-2016).

Besides the developments, failures and challenges in these sectors, CSRS’s recommendation about each sector is included in this report as well.

It is noteworthy that CSRS research analysts have prepared the report using both quantitative and qualitative research methods and the findings of a survey, conducted by CSRS in major six cities of the country, are also included in the report.

Although, various institutions releases their reports and surveys on the situation of Afghanistan annually, but the characteristic of this report is that it includes several sectors and has discussed the past 15 years. It must be noted that, given the necessity of expressing facts, this report is prepared with reliance on the internal resources and facilities of CSRS and, therefore, is different from other project researches.

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