CSRS Releases the Fourth Issue of the Tahlil Journal

Tahlil is the six-month scientific and research magazine which includes analysis of various national, regional and international issues.

This issue of the Journal of Tahlil contains articles about the country’s political, economic and security situation as well as the existing opportunities and challenges and the ways to deal with these challenges.

In this issue, in addition to preface, you would read the following contents:

  • TAPI Gas Pipeline: Challenges and Opportunities (1990-2016)
  • Close ties between Russia, Iran and the Taliban; the background and consequences
  • Afghanistan- Pakistan Transit Trade: The Agony of a Landlocked Country
  • A deeper look into ‘Extremists’ and ‘Moderates’
  • The way forward for stabilizing the Country
  • National Stability and Development: Need for Modification in Government Policies
  • Book introduction: “Afghanistan in the past one and half decade”
  • English articles and English translation of abstracts of the articles

It is mention-worthy that in the first English article of the magazine the issue of cooperation between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan is assessed and areas of practical cooperation are indicated. In additions, recommendations about how to increase the trilateral cooperation are also recommended.

The second English article discusses the ways to succeed the peace efforts in Afghanistan, and the third English piece has analyzed the future of the Taliban and ISIL.

We hope that this issue of The Journal of Tahlil will help in finding solutions for the existing challenges in the country.

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