The Egyptian Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan met CSRS’s leadership


The Egyptian Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan Ibrahim Mamdoh Foda visited the Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS).

In this meeting, on 13 August 2017, Mr. Foda said that by visiting the center he aimed to get informed about the activities of the CSRS.

Mr. Mamdoh pointed out the Egyptian point of view about the situation in Afghanistan. He said that, currently, the maintenance of security in Afghanistan was essential but that it was very complicated. Besides that, he mentioned some of the Egyptian educative and infrastructural activities and said that they are trying to play an active role in areas of education in Afghanistan.

The General Director of CSRS Dr. Abdul Baqi Amin thanked the Egyptian Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan for his visit to the center and pointing out the important activities of the center said that CSRS’s activities were, to a greater part, focused on solving the existing problems in the country.

Head of the academic council of the center Dr. Mesbahullah Abdul Baqi spoke about the Afghan-Egyptian relations and indicated the significance of solving the problems of Afghan students in Egypt. He said that Egypt was one of the important countries of the Islamic world and that the center wanted to be in contact and have cooperation with the strategic centers in this country. Mr. Mamdoh Foda also promised cooperation in this regard.

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