Director’s message

Peace and Development in Afghanistan is Our Priority

With the help of Almighty Allah S.W.T and determination of its dedicated team, Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) proudly instigated 11th year of its services. CSRS was actively involved in various arenas related to Afghanistan and region by providing academic researches and offering strategic plans during the last decade. The center has made remarkable efforts to improve research base studies and positively influence the policymaking process of the country.

As a major goal, CSRS is determined to continue its efforts in 1399/2020 with the hope for bringing peace and stability to the country and the region. The center will also reinvigorate its efforts to pursue its purpose for the development and prosperity of Afghanistan.

CSRS is an independent and non-governmental establishment of academic research which pursue its goals with voluntary support of university lecturers, academic figures and exertions of outstanding university students.

We are hopeful that experts and analysts will accompany us with their academic studies and research papers to fulfill our national and humanitarian mission.

Our research priorities:

Studies focused on peace and reconciliation

Good governance


Woman and Family

Educational matters

Modern History of Afghanistan (The Last 50 years)

CSRS will not only provide outstanding researches and up-to-date articles regarding the above-mentioned areas, but will also guide young researchers to improve their academic abilities and research works.

Wishing for a lasting peace and stability in the country

Naseer Ahmad Nawidy

Director General CSRS

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