Director’s message

Authentic and impartial research is a fundamental need of every society, but unfortunately, this vitally important field remains weak and neglected in Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs constant research in different aspects to address the country’s issues and development; mainly, raising public awareness about ground realities in political, economic and strategic issues is now vitally significant more than any other time.

CSRS is proud of highlighting the following as part of its principal goals:

  • Protecting the national and Islamic values and interests;
  • Making the opportunity of understanding and exchange of thought among the society;
  • And increasing knowledge and awareness of society regarding political, social and economic issues.

The research center feels proud that it has taken effective steps towards these goals during the past more than a decade of its activities and services and still keep its academic and unbiased research activities going with its professional and promising team.

Now, observing the current situation of the country, besides other goals, ending the war, playing a prominent role in peacemaking, and working for better governance in the country are lined as the core values of the center’s research activities. We hope the present issues in the research field will be solved, and the attention span of both private and governmental sectors will increase regarding this pivotal issue.

With the hope of durable peace and prosperity for the country.

Dr. Misbahullah Abdulbaqi


Center for Strategic and Regional Studies

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