Specialized Training Courses in Translation by CSRS (English to Persian)

The Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) announced the first training course specialized in translation (English-Persian), which began with an entrance test on Tuesday, October 1, 2022. About one hundred students participated in the entry exam and 26 of them are selected for the course.
The training began on October 3, 2022. At the beginning of the Course, Dr. Shah Rukh Rafi president of CSRS gave a brief statement on the importance of translation and instructions about the course for the participants. The participants also expressed their happiness with this opportunity and thanked CSRS for initiating such training courses, which empower the students with the necessary skills in translation.
It is worth mentioning that these courses are free for participants and include a model translation project under the supervision of the professor, which CSRS will publish. The issuance of the translation certificates would also depend on the participants’ implementation of the model translation project.

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