Responsively end of unresponsive war

Recent events, exchanging of an American soldier with Taliban prisoners, US plans and programs for ending of Afghanistan war and other issues, Muzhda waheed expert of political issues has analyzed:

We have heard this issue several times that in politics there is no permanent friendship and hostility, but what exists, is a permanent interests and benefits.

Long-term benefits of America in Afghanistan not necessarily mean military presence is not permanent in there, it might be better if such a goal met without admitting war and military presence. Recent developments make clear these issues to some extent.

A few months ago Hamid Karzai was under pressure by the United States govt, Pro US groups and Pro US-media to sign the security contract as soon as possible, and if it doesn’t take place America must have to pull out all its forces from Afghanistan before ending of year 2014.

With tension in the relations between Karzai and White Palace, some people are fed to believe that this conflict or in other words called vulgar or “Goldsmith war” which is a part of US programs to pull out its troops from deadlock Afghanistan.

This has been said from long time, America which has options for the future of Afghanistan among those options, Zero option is discussible as well and this is possible that US won’t leave its forces in Afghanistan. But supporters of America in Afghanistan always accepting this option zero  and pressurize it which America bring to hamid Karzai’ these pressures led to whatever curses and abuse of media of the supporters of America especially dependent on the country and those who bestow Hamid Karzai is opposed to signing the contract with the United States security.

But now gradually it has been cleared that US program for Afghanistan ,presence of US military forces were not to surround the country, Obama has repeatedly said this that he will end the war of Afghanistan responsively.

Ambiguity in interpretation “End of responsive war” led to anyone understands from it.

It was clear that US program was not in asked of hamid karzai, America for its military operations never took serious hamid karzai and his government, No need to stay military as well as the permission of Karzai. With latest and new report from Obama for entire exit of US from Afghanistan by the end of year  2016 it clarifies that US has a plan for the opponents end of this war.

The process of direct negotiation between the Taliban and America:

On the other hand the Taliban as the only hostile forces in military during twelve years, presence of America in Afghanistan they challenge only if joining the peace process to complete exit foreign forces from Afghanistan announced. In the year 2010 for the first time links between the representatives of USA and Taliban with the help of Germany took place. Taliban named the presence of American forces the only reason of war in Afghanistan and asked them to leave as soon as possible. If USA didn’t want to pay attention to the demand of Taliban, they wouldn’t agree on opening an office in Qatar as without accepting the first demand of Taliban, the negotiations wouldn’t give result.

If Taliban were very strict in their official declaration and demanded the overall withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan but in face to face negotiations they weren’t so strict. They asked from Americans that Afghanistan is in the state where it needs the help of international community and they have to be committed in this case.

They promised American forces that with their withdrawal from Afghanistan, they wouldn’t allow anyone to use the land of Afghanistan against any kind of activities against USA.

For this reason, they wanted to create an atmosphere of trust with each other and demanded the release of five Taliban Commanders from Guantanamo. Americans didn’t want to take a rapid action in this regard and paved ground for changing the mentality of Afghans and other foreigners. They delayed the negotiation and put the blame on Afghan Government and Taliban.

Americans had a condition with Afghan government that the office of Taliban in Qatar wouldn’t be by the name of Islamic State of Taliban but in actions it came with the same name as there weren’t any sort of conditions on Taliban by USA. For the same purpose, after the opening of office in Doha, the government of Doha came into trouble.

USA’s Plans for Ending War in Afghanistan:

The problems between Hamid Karzai and USA on signing strategic document increased day by day and prolonged for months. This was the hot issue in internal and more importantly in externally (American media) and the options of complete withdrawal (zero option) came into the discussion. In the same time, the public opinion showed less interest to Afghan war as compare to other years.

The year 2014 was considered the change year for Afghanistan, the year in which the military responsibilities were handed over to Afghan forces from American forces. Afghan forces with having no complete equipment and proper training took the overall responsibility and their practical examination or work was the current election of Afghanistan that they passed.

Even though Taliban in overall Afghanistan had many attacks but just because of the killing of one journalist in the attack of Kabul Serana Hotel, the journalists decided not release or publish the news relevant to Taliban. They showed to Afghans and international community that Taliban are no longer able to face Afghan forces and are going down day by day even Taliban had almost thousand attacks on Election Day but they didn’t publish.

It is very interesting that those people who believed that with the withdrawal of American forces, Afghanistan will face an internal war and won’t be able to continue the system, in reality worked that Afghans no long need the help of USA and they can continue the system without the help of US troops too.

Now there is an opportunity for the complete withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan and Obama in his trip to Afghanistan requested President Karzai to meet him in Bagram air base which was rejected by Karzai. Americans before this announce that there is no need of signing this document with President Karzai and they will sign it with the coming president.

Now that President Obama announced that in the year 2016 all American troops will leave Afghanistan so the signing of strategic document becomes doubtful for the people. In this document there was a signal for the remaining of American troops until 2024 with nine bases but now Obama says that there will be only 9800 soldiers till the end of 2016 in Bagram and other bases will be handed over to Afghans.

Our condition is towards change and Obama is having problems from Central East, to Far East, from Eastern Europe to Africa and Obama says they can’t solve all problems with military powers.

Now it is our turn (Afghans) to identify the real conditions of the world for peace and stability and we also have to think like Obama that military option is never, and will never be solution option.

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