Level of criminal cases in the period of National Unity Government

Last week, the acting minister of Interior Ministry said in a press conference that during the past five years, 51 criminal cases have been recorded each day at the country level, which mostly involves robbery, injury and killings. Also, in the conference, Gen. Jamshed Rasoli, General Director of Anti-Criminal Crime, said that more than 6200 different weapons, more than 60 tons of drug items, thousands of liters of alcohols, Around 77200 criminal cases were prevented, and nearly 115 thousand individuals arrested About various crimes, despite 92 thousand criminal cases registered during the last five years, despite the past five years of criminal cases, why such case are increasing day by day? What are the main reasons? These are the topics that have been discussed in the weekly analysis of the center for Strategic & Regional Studies.

The level of registered criminal cases during the period of National Unity Government

Since the past five years, the criminal incidents of criminal crime in the country are increasing. In the third quarter of the year of 2014, total 15050 criminal cases were registered, in the year 2015, the criminal cases increased to 28026; but in the year 2016, the number of criminal incidents decreased to 20886 criminal cases, and in 2017 the number of the criminal cases reduced very less compare to the last year, in 2017; total 20181cases were recorded.

According to statistical indicators of Central Statistics, 10851 cases have been recorded in the year 2018; but it is only the first two quarters of the year 2018, and the last two quarters (third and fourth) not included in the reports due to non-publishing. (See Table-A)

If you look at statistics for first two quarter of 2018, it is estimated that the figures of the first two quarter were 10851 which is higher than the first two quarters of 1396; because in the first two quarters of the year 2017, it was about 9980 criminal cases were registered with national unity government.

Above all the figures, which are presented on criminal cases, are just recorded cases and not include unrecorded cases.

Table-A: Number of criminal cases in different years

Number Crime type 3Q 2014 2015  2016 2017 2018
1 Killed 1628 3367 2289 2515 1185
2 Thief 185 270 342 312 131
3 Kidnaping 149 380 229 185 79
4 Robbery 2610 4071 4869 3593 2649
5 Graft 3 44 18 10 4
6 Escaping of Prisoners 22 389 14 11 6
7 Trafficking 626 1492 1195 1270 631
8 Bribe 0 59 44 19 6
9 Stealing 146 173 121 184 64
10 Injured 2311 6336 3508 3348 1498
11 Adultery 317 792 376 405 223
12 Fraud 95 310 294 272 72
13 Other crimes 6749 10343 7587 8048 4303


Total 15050 28026 20886 20181



Source: Afghanistan’s Annual Statistics Reports (2014- 2017) and Quarterly Indicators (2018)

Unregistered criminal cases

The weakness of the government in remote areas, corruption in judicial institutions, No arresting of criminals or their discharges, Relations of criminals with politicians in the country, so the true number of criminal cases are higher than the above mentioned numbers.

Distrust on police, the criminals not being arrested, politicians hands and mafia behind criminals, corruption in judicial institutions And lack of sovereignty in the remote areas, in 2016, US Department of Investigation Agency for reconstruction of Afghanistan reported, that the Afghan government has only control on 57 percent of the area, it is known that If the Afghan government does not have sovereignty in areas where criminal cases are not included in the number of registered figures, it appears that true criminal cases are higher than the above mentioned numbers.

Factors behind increases in criminal cases

Criminal cases don’t have couple of particular factors, but the factors of each criminal case are different from factors of other; however, economically, social, judicial, and political factors are mentioned as the reasons for increasing criminal crime:

  1. Corruption

Corruption is an important factor in increasing crime rate. According to the annual report of International Transparency of the year 2018, Afghanistan remained 9th in the list of most corrupted country in the world, and according to the survey of the Afghanistan Transparency Watch Organization of 2018, the judicial institutions and police in Afghanistan are the most involved in corruption. One out of four Afghans only believes that there has been some progress in corruption in government agencies. According to the survey, over 25 percent of the Afghans have faced corruption in the past twelve months. In addition to justice and justice organizations, police are also involved in corruption, it provides opportunities to criminals, So they will be able to release themselves in exchange for bribery, on the other hand, un-professionalism of security forces has also led to the fact that they failed to prevent such incidents and even in some cases they are committed to criminals.

  1. Illegal armed groups

Likewise, some national security officials believe that major causes of criminal cases are smuggling illegal weapons from neighboring countries, which are used in criminal cases. Furthermore, Local armed groups and illegal armed groups, which are in relation with government officials, so this are having a great role in conducting these crimes. And even some time ago the Ministry of Interior affairs has published the list of those who have created illegal armed groups, but have not yet taken any action against them.

  1. Cultural invasion

If we compare statistical data of criminal cases in the last couple of years, there will be evidence that robbery, murder and adultery in the country are increasing day by day. For example, on the 14th (Sawar) of 1398, the Public Police in the Abadan Desert of Kunduz province has raped a lady of old age. So the reasons behind such activities are the last 18 years of Non-Censor media, and cultural invasion by other countries, which are funded by different ways, unrealistic serials and non-violent films by Medias and that have created moral disorder in our community.

Through these media, our community’s religious values are suspended and instead of being prompted they promote ethical corruption, while a major factor in the reduction of criminal cases can be media where they can conduct a public awareness to reduce the number of criminal cases.

  1. Poverty and unemployment

Poverty and unemployment are the basic reasons behind of some crimes, particularly the robbery, as many researchers have also presented research and ideas related to the relationship between crime and unemployment. When unemployment increases then earning money legally become restricted, where earning money from illegal ways will be increased.

While the 49.66 percent of the population are eligible to work, 30.7 percent are unemployed out of 49.66 percent. Based on the survey of Central Statistics, in 1397 the findings are indicates that 54.5 percent of people live under the poverty line. Therefore, in many areas some people are involved in robberies, abduction, robbery and other criminal incidents. In addition, domestic violence is also affected by economic problems in most cases.


How to reduce the crime rate in the country. The following steps are necessary:

  • Severe reactions to crime and bad side of crime must be preached through media, because living religious beliefs can be a major contribution to crime control.
  • Preparing and implementing of effective policies in justice and Judicial Institutions.
  • Strengthen of Anti- criminal agencies and focus on staff rewards system.
  • Efforts to reduce level of unemployment and implementing of public projects to give a boost to the economic growth of country.
  • Implementation of law on criminals without any distinction.
  • The statistical data of criminals cases must be collected for the last 18 years and According to these figures, factors of criminal cases should be identified and then need to take serious efforts to eliminate those factors.

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