Overview of Afghan’s children Situation

Children in Afghanistan compare to any other category have been harassed and suffered from the situation, but as children cannot be wise and objectionable to themselves, to seek their own right, and provide appropriate environment to themselves. For the elders, personalities, agencies and governments should take and hold children’s rights in the priorities of their work plan. Approximately 14 million children (less than 18 years) in Afghanistan, 6 million children live in dangerous situations, and nearly 1 million children are born every year. Their basic rights are to live in their healthy environment, access to education, access to health facilities, and entertainment environment. The 22nd of May is celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’ in the country, so that is why this weekly report is about the children situation in country.

Bad condition of Afghan children

UNICEF organization that since 1949 started their activities in Afghanistan about children’s health, education, and clean water …In their reports they have published a number of figures in its latest reports, the figures are as below:

  • In Every 18 children one die before his first birthday.
  • 46 percent of the children in ages between 12-23 months have not been able to fulfill their basic vaccines.
  • In each three girls one get marriage before her 18th
  • In each 5 children 2 do not developed mentally and physically.
  • In each 4 children, 1 is underweight.
  • 3 million Children who are under 5 years require treatment of chronic malnutrition.
  • Nearly 50 percent of drinking water contaminated feces.
  • Nearly more than 4 million people still don’t have access to toilets.
  • 7 million Children which 60% of them are girls; do not go to school.
  • Only 19% of girls which are less than 15 years, they can read and write.
  • Afghanistan is still among the world’s 3 countries suffering from polio, in 2017, 14 polio cases have been registered in this country. In the last two years a couple of others have been added.
  • 31 percent of adult girls are suffering from anemia.
  1. Children who can’t go to school

Due to many factors such as illiteracy, traditions, insecurity, poverty, lack of access to near schools, schools and teachers of with low-quality … due to this, around 4 million children do not go to school. Every Afghan should be obliged to announce their encouragement at school while enrolling their children in school in spring of every year, to convince their parents, if they don’t have parents at least take a guardian of children and invest on them. National merchants, political figures, eminent persons, religious scholars and government and private’s schools should jointly take responsibility for the national mission if they do not do the same, these children will be a source of pain to them as well as to this country.

  1. War and children:

War and insecurity is a phenomenon that most of the children experience for the first time, so the fears are more compare to elders, according to the report of the Children’s Protection Organization, about 400 children died in different incidents last year. Likewise, only a dozen educational institutions in Nangarhar targeted by armed opponents. In addition to lack of understanding and awareness among the government and the insurgents, even in the some districts of Ghazni, Helmand, Uruzgan, even a single child is not going to school or involved in educated, and even a single person don’t participates in Kankor examination in the year – Based on recent reports, around 3.5 million Afghan children cannot go to school due to insecurity. This is an indicator of an illiterate society in future, which can be a lot of happiness to the enemies of Afghanistan, but that is the worst news to Afghans.

  1. Laborers children

In the other countries, the childhood period of children is a period of love and kindness, teaching them the basic requirements of living, mourning, during this period the children are respected by the elders, fulfilling the needs and encouraging  them to education, there are nothing to be called hardships and difficulties in their life. the elders trying to accept all such hardship by themselves, but most of the children in Afghanistan are responsible for homeowners before they turns ten years old, they work and earns for the seek of living, almost 1.9 million children based on a survey of German Voice Radio Afghanistan Works in different provinces, due to the ongoing war, these children often suffer from extortion of corrupt individuals, in the drug Leisure goods are addicted to crime, and sometimes the aim of human trafficking and terrorism is also the target. Most children who are forced to work are engaged in selling beds, luggage storage, coal mines, and selling plastic bags in the market. The worst news is that almost 100,000 children, according to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior, are drug addicted.

4-Forced marriages

Although the western media publishes more reports about this, and people think that their published reports may be rare and incorrect, but we have observed the same in the area or in the region which is still continue the same act. and Small girls forced to get marriages, whereas in the remote areas where literacy rates are lower, the dowry is still considered as a father’s right, and when the father does not get another source of income, then they force younger girls to get marriage with wealthy old person or They give to the young man, and so on, a number of children faced with the same situation.

  1. Disorders of nutritional status

Although there are many achievements, and the Ministry of Public Health tried to decreases the number of malnutrition and lesser percentage of efforts in the nutritional state, but almost every fifth child has nutrition problems, UNICEF’s recent reports about this. Are very sad. Malnutrition is the mother of all diseases, and weak child loses his life from a small illness. Reasons behind of all these are not only poverty, but even more rich families do not have the necessary knowledge about their child’s nutrition. Various non-nourishing foods are given to the baby. Also, due to non-availability of toilets, the digestive diseases increase, and the patient is taken to the malnutrition and less blood.

Children of the world

In other countries, special rules have been set for children as if they are in a big way to take a car, the driver is have to stop the car, if he/she don’t do the same then the child is having the right to break the glasses of the car, and call the police, Also, children are not allowed to sit at the first seat in the cars because of their protection. Schools and pre-schools are compulsory. The most prominent and well-known teachers are employed in the primary school, where children like adolescents are actively engaged in television interviews with skilled children, and tourism focuses on children in their programs and encourages children with different types of programs. . Eventually, all the children have access to the internet, most of the practical experiences, historical places and personalities they do follow in the internet. There is also a separate transport system for children; even in some schools there are also places for eating and rest.

Some Positive points

Afghanistan besides of all these shortcoming has many sensitive people and institutions, despite most of these disasters, many have created private pre-schools, schools, orphans- houses and other agencies so that poor children are trained educate, about this, Ministry of Public Health, the International Health Organization, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, UNICEF, Save the children, All these agencies calls for effective programs on protecting children. Vaccine’s permission to vaccine children a positive step in the areas controlled by the Taliban, as well as free treatment of those children who is having heart problems by Afghan Red Crescent is a great step. Also the UNICEF agency again gives vaccine to children, tablets, and low blood tablets, stationary to children across the country. The Ministry of Public Health also has a major role in reducing child mortality.

Behind of all these issues and problems which are available in the quantity, quality problems are still up and down. Fortunately, around 10 million children go to school in Afghanistan, providing basic education facilities to them, make the foundation of Afghanistan.


Children are the foundation and future of nations, everyone who gets older has to gift educated and useful children to the society, Education of children, assisting schools and Islamic schools, giving them positive views, Helping of Orphan,  poor children and providing education facilities to them is the responsibilities of each one of us. Also, parties involved in war should also have to respect to the rights of this innocent creature, and those who are forgiven by God, should not be obliged, nor should they be beaten. Government and opposition should also accept to facilitate children with Schools, hospitals, mosques, and madrasas, and no one should take advantage of these places as the military shelter or workplace.

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