Center for strategic & regional studies released findings of the “War and Peace” report

This Thursday, center for strategic & regional studies has released report on “War and peace” in the presence of media outlets in a press conference.

Naseer Ahmad Naveedi director of the center addressed the press conference and said; “This analytical report, which is based on primary and secondary sources has been published, pointing out the strategies of the war by both sides and its ramifications on the ground.  The general finding of the report shows that both sides of the conflict are responsible for this unwanted situation of the country. He added, that this report will help in the ongoing efforts of peace.

Hekmatullah Zaland, one of the researcher of the center, presented a comprehensive summery of report in which he mentioned the exact figures of the casualties in Afghan Army, public and the opponent groups.

He said; there are 14285 common people killed and 29581 injured, where around 45000 afghan army personal is killed from the start of the national unity government. Furthermore, only 77 foreign troops are killed in this time frame. On side note, the afghan government is refusing the exact figure of casualties on the government side. During afghan unity government the war is extended and the territory under government is lost to more extant, Zaland said.

Former finance minister and participant of the Moscow peace conference, Dr. Omer Zakhilwal, welcomed the findings of the report and said; people’s opinion, as primary source, provide precious materials for the policy makers and stake holders. Zakhilwal added that the findings of the report show that, foreign troops are the main cause of the insecurity in Afghanistan and people are not happy with the performance of the national unity government. He stressed that the exit of the foreign forces should happen in the result of peace and the helm of peace process should be in hands of people who are sincere to the people and can reflect the best interest of them.  

This analytical report also discusses the peace efforts, its consequences and ramifications. Moreover, a part of the report has the findings of the survey which is performed in 6 big cities of the country. Based on the survey, the majority of people are optimistic and hopeful about the peace efforts.

The end of the report has some of the suggestions which the policy makers and stake holders can take in account for the best and effective results of peace efforts.

Center for strategic and regional studies

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