Afghanistan’s security in claves of conspiracies and monopolism

Mysterious and destructive attacks 

Lately, as the political situation of Afghanistan precipice, the increasing insecurities and mysterious attacks in some regions of the country increased the distrust over Afghan security forces.

On one hand, international and Afghan security forces as well as armed insurgents kill Afghan civilians since years. Recently an unknown enemy emerged and killed dozens of people as they did in Urgon district of Paktika province, or some regional issues like the operation launched in North Waziristan; all can be considered as challenges to the future of country’s security. 

After the attack of America over Afghanistan and Iraq, the security situation in both countries is being compered, and the main shared point is destructive attacks.

Now, the role, efficiency and shortcomings of security institutions are important than ever and gained attention of people.

The shortcomings of Security forces

The decrease of trust over security institutions and the gap between people and them is increasing and has its own reasons.

Although international forces claimed to have trained a large number of Afghan security forces, the facts on ground show that they are still not professional and their presence beyond big cities caused sufferings for the people.

In Past few years, the measures of Afghan security forces against the people and causing heavy casualties to them increased the gap between people and the forces.

On the other hand, beside the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan Nation Police another force by the name of Local Police, which was called as militias previously caused vast wrongdoings and increased the gap as well as its tribal structure spread the fear of future possible conflicts.

Soon after the emergence of Local Police, public, civil society and officials had their reactions, which were increased by disclosing the crimes of some Local Police commanders like Qadirak in Kundoz, and Hakim Shujaee in Urozgan, who killed tens of innocent women and children, but the government did not stop them and so the people became hopeless. 

The recent attacks on civilians and even some officials and authorities and their torturing and pressurizing people raised disgust of people.

Also, lack of the impetus with Afghan security forces is another challenge, they are confronting their enemy just for money, and therefore in most times, they cannot prevent the preplanned attacks.

Effect of political consensus

Limitation of these forces to the tribal structures is another cause of distrust and the will of the national security forces for protecting a small part’s interests instead of national positions, raised many concerns.

As a result of expedients of Mr.Karzai’s government, the security sector was monopolized in the hands of a specific portion of the population, which caused serious challenges to the whole government system in critical times. It also caused lack of profession and weak management.

The strong will of revenging because of tribal and linguistic preconceptions also caused casualties to Afghans and seems no measures have been taken so far for its prevention.

However, there were hopes for the new government to reform the current shortcomings, but it seems now that the new government will also be weak and the foreigners will continue their interference.

Till the people of Afghanistan do not cut the foreign hands in their internal affairs and realistic and practical steps towards peace are not being made, Afghan nation will be giving sacrifices for the interests of others.

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