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Weekly Analysis (Number: 36 (from June 28 until July 5, 2013

Published Date: June 10, 2013


This publication sets out important facts over a week published by center for strategic and regional studies for analysis of political, security and economic situation of the country, so various institution and authorities can benefit it

Afghanistan in the Past week


Hamid Karzi: some countries are in attempt to build the feudalism system in Afghanistan

Taliban: any attempt to break up Afghanistan is cast away

Nawaz Sharif: I support peace efforts in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s foreign Ministry: Pakistan recent offer, is an interference in Afghanistan affairs

Various reactions of America and afghan government regarding Qatar issue

Taliban office was opened on June 28 in the capital of Qatar Doha under the name of Islamic emirate. Afghan government extremely rejected the name and flag of this office and postponed fourth round negotiation on bilateral security agreement with America. After the response of afghan government, the Ministry of foreign affairs of America announced, that the banner and flag of Taliban is removed by Qatari authorities.

A number of afghan analysts believe that, America, with the opening of Taliban office in Qatar will not reach to any positive result in order to bring peace in Afghanistan, and there is no choice of mutual understanding between Afghans, by themselves.

Wahid “Mojdeh” aware of political affairs says: afghan government wants to set on the negotiation table with Taliban, and America also resists afghan government for negotiating Taliban, however, Taliban doesn’t care this matter, and not willing to negotiate with afghan government, so it turns out that the Qatar negotiation will not get to a conclusion.

The national front common union says: peace efforts should be led by Afghans inside the country. This front on Tuesday, during demonstration in Kabul selected Nangrahar province as a place for peace talks with Taliban.

Selallh Din “Rabani” the head of High Peace Council says the process of Qatar is not failed; however, if the Taliban are not willing to negotiate with representatives of this council, the office of this group in Doha will be blocked.


The Islamic party has issued a declaration in this regard and such expressed its status:

In terms, that White Palace stressed part of their forces will remain in Afghanistan after 2014, and Germany, Italy, and Turkey will also accompany these forces and in situations where everyone knows that this decision of them does not mean something else except the durability occupation and war. Unfortunately, the Taliban leader ship in such case have not only followed peace negotiation with America, but opened an office in the country that is a powerful base of America. It was necessary for Taliban to notify the same as Islamic Party, after this announcement of White Palace, would not only continue our Holy war, but also cut its previous contacts with America and won’t negotiate with America until it change its decision and to give Afghans assurance  when their forces will be pullout completely. Though, disarmament of afghan nation by Taliban, and at the begging Taliban’s collations with Zaher Sha, and Masood, General Dustem, General Malik, and westerner followers and their fight with Islamic party were enormous and Irrecoverable mistakes. Opening of office in Qatar and through this way, in this unsuitable time their negotiation with U.S is a big misstep like their previous mistakes.

Zaker “Jalali” says in this regard: at the same time, with the opening of office Karzai government, Kabul settled political opponents and Gul Budin Hekmatyar section Islamic party have announced contradiction. Generally, Afghan Nation was glad with the opening of office, because after along contention there was hope for peace. In addition to the nation, Political Coalition of National Union in Kabul has cleared support from the opening of office. Commonly, the contradiction was from those sides, that they were not given attention by Qatar movement.
These aspects were almost aside at new game station. The only cause of their oppositions is they resist their being along peace process. Although, coincide peace and their being are impossible, but are in clash with each other. The nation wants peace; peace is now national requirement, not being of powerful team.


Do Afghanistan is not now a hunt of risk full Feudalism?

Whatever recently formed a hot media debate, is president Hamid Karzi statements about the occurrence of the risk of feudalism in Afghanistan, which is the bases of the statements emanating from Afghan Government officials starting here, political affairs advisor to Pakistan’s prime Minister during a meeting with Afghan Ambassador in Islamabad advised him it is better to offer Taliban a number of southern provinces of Afghanistan for ending conflict.

Some analysts have considered that if the government of Pakistan, in fact, proposed a number of provinces for Taliban from Afghan Government; it once again indicates the dual policy of this country regarding Afghanistan.

Rahim LLAH “Yousufzai” aware of Pakistan’s political affairs says: such reports could create new problems in the peace process of Afghanistan; he believes that Taliban has never satisfied to be in power on some provinces of Afghanistan, but ask for building a government there.

Ahmad Zia “Rahimzai” author and Afghan journalist says: though, when Qatar office for Taliban, or white flag and sign- board of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan opened in Doha, Kabul governmental officials with various pretexts have indicated their denial about the opening of office, and they have exhibited their contradiction to the peace process in this battled country, but the pretext of creating feudalism and charging Taliban in this specified regard , talented and  specially those who were always opposite of peace and negotiation in Afghanistan  under the name and various slogans risen, get hands and to cause that the combat of these people and specific presidential palace affiliated links, that they assume their living in continued  indebted war in Afghanistan have gotten increased expansion on peace process and with the name and defending the unity of Afghanistan sustained ravage on compromise and National Reconciliation.

In the belief of Prekh Sha senate member, Afghanistan is by no wise a country to be break up, and the social achievements of this country does not let such plan. This representative of people says: every one! Whoever is domestics or is foreigners seeing the dream of analyzing Afghanistan, this dream is their imagination, is impossible and madness.


Wahid Mojdeh says: Taliban by no means want Afghanistan to be break down, but they are those who strongly reject breaking up Afghanistan. In the view point of Sir Mojdeh, Taliban office in Qatar is by no wise causing to break up Afghanistan, but this office can be the opening for peace.  This cognizant of political affairs, common life of Afghans is gain for their won, because, he believes, if this landlocked country break down, it will be in more of today’s economic siege which is not beneficial for Afghanistan


Doctor Abdu Baqi Amin the head of center for strategic and regional studies in this regard says:

If Americans want to divide Afghanistan between involved factions and would like to make any part, a region for influence of a group, Hamid Karzi speech would be apropos, and the afghan people must know that the trustee hands of foreigners are never in the predestination of the country, and those who are beguiled in the past ten years must consider and the president of Afghanistan is also among those who now understood that the foreigner do not think for the benefit of the  country, so this is a good opportunity  in the space that the abuse intention of America is obvious Afghans should get together, to get amity with each other on the predestination of  peaceful, stable, united and unbreakable Afghanistan.

Taliban rejected via declaration any efforts to break down Afghanistan:

Taliban has announced, that they have up risen in Afghanistan against feudalism and this system has removed from the great parts of Afghanistan, however, with coming of foreign forces and the rule of Karzai now the government is in the hand of feudalism, and according this announcement each region is administrate by independent kings that are directly connected with occupying forces, the north and west are obvious example of this. in the announcement of president Karzai in this reason, in which opening of Qatar office is called conspiracy for breaking down Afghanistan was extremely criticized and been said, Hamid “Karzai” for hiding his goals including failing peace process in Afghanistan  get to such advertisements.

Mr. Rahimzai regarding the concern of Karzai with creation of feudalism in Afghanistan says: these recent uproars, and especially after the trip of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s to Kabul, and officials of the citadel in this regard have launched, are not something else without an effort to mislead mentalities, the destruction of peace process, and the continuation of power after 2014 may not be aimed.

Nawaz Sharif: I support peace efforts in Afghanistan

The chancellor of Pakistan Nawaz “Sharif” after his interview with his British counterpart David Cameron told reporters in Islamabad, I have assured Chancellor Cameron regarding my will power to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan, three millions Afghan immigrants living in Pakistan would come back to their homeland with dignity and honor.

Ahmad “Sayeedi” aware of political affairs and former Afghanistan diplomat in Pakistan regarding this national occurrence said, Norms and international diplomatic regulations commands, when the government wish for host to share the issue with a foreign diplomat except to call upon, the desired subject and the time of presentation is given to the diplomat, so the diplomat is required for getting additional information and having authorization over the subject, to contact to the ministry of foreign affairs of  the country. Even though, if the government of Pakistan  offered the agenda of negotiation to the ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan and the ambassador accepted the agenda, so this action of ambassador is betrayal next to the values of Afghanistan  independence and freedom, how he has listened to such plan and agendas, if the agenda was not clear to the ambassador, why the ambassador is presented for this meeting and negotiation, in this case the Ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan should pronounce argumentation regarding the interference of Pakistan in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Doctor Rahmatullah “Zahid” says in this regard:

This is clear, that the Pakistan prime minister statements in cooperating security and bringing peace in Afghanistan will have good results, and this indicates the interest of new government of the country to security and peace, for insuring security and ending war in region and Afghanistan, because in the past Eleven years Pakistan was also the target of these instabilities and have gotten escalated damages.

Now the question is how much dose Nawaz “Sharif” will be able to implement his statements? So, the answer to this question relates to the choice of power of Army and especially inelegance in this country, as yet the real authorization in Pakistan is with Army and intelligence not with political governments and In my opinion, when the powerful authorities of Pakistan are not assured about Afghanistan future policies about Pakistan, so till that, at least one side will be used to destabilize Afghanistan.

Zaker “Jalali” says: unfortunately, afghan government always resisted Pakistan role in peace process. Pakistan via its active policy somehow accepted on world people that peace is impossible without their role, Taliban status is clear regarding Afghanistan. Taliban that they were the power of the system challenges the power and are in fight across Afghanistan against authorized system. Taliban throughout their declaration rejected possibility of feudalism system. They have casted off Karzai’s accusation. President Karzai tries to get out a political seclusion, and misleads nation’s mentalities from Qatar movements. Feudalism and analysis are two additional aspects that the president is trying to discuss in media.


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